Lights, Camera, Action!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Grades 7 & 8

6-7 days

Focus Questions:

  • What are the different career possibilities in professional theatre?
  • How can an ensemble of people work together to deliver information or create something?
  • Other than theatre, what other professions requires groups of people to complete? (One example is buildings: architect, lumber supplier, electrician, plumber, builders…)

Instructional Resources:

  • The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain
  • Index cards with “professions” for each student
  • Paper and Pencil (for script writer)
  • Props and Materials (for set design)
  • Video Camera 


In groups, have students produce and film a public service announcement. As a group they need to come up with a topic to address a social issue.  Assign each student in the group a profession:

  • actor/actress (actually performs the script)
  • script writer (writes what will happen on cameralines spoken, movements made)
  • director (sees to it that the production happensapproves of script and set design, guides actor/actress during filming, makes sure the best camera shots are taken)
  • set designer (comes up with a unique look and theme for the PSAone that suits the issue)
  • camera person (takes care of actual filming of productiontaking direction from the director)

Students will share their finished PSAs with the class and speak about their “professions”what they liked, what they didn’t like, and how they worked together.

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