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1.Older Cousin obtained records from Natl Archive 2.oral tradition from Mom 1.Savannah Ga family migrated from Beaufort SC 2. Windsor N.C. PBS 1.Savannah Ga family migrated from Beaufort SC 2. Windsor N.C. 1.G.G.Gfather Jake Vandross-Civil War Soldier 2.Tuscarora Indians decendent
Cousin Fort Monroe, Virginia A Family History Book 1860s Chesapeake, Virginia Colored Civil War Veteran
Grandmother Tibbs Ohio-VA and battles in the Civil War 1863-1865 Grandmother and father told of him in USCT 1863 VA in slavery-Ohio where he fought with Union troops My Great grand father, Charles Howard of Ohio served in the Civil war
mothers Lynn, Massachusetts I learned about this through research.. 1860s New York, New York Civil War veteran changing his name after the war.
My Aunt, I suspect that she is the last living direct desendant of a slave runaway slave from Kentucky, to Civil War Hero and Medal of Honor My Aunt 100 yrs old related stories to me. She is stll living 2001 My aunt and mother came from Grand Rivers, Kentucky lyon county My (grand father) was the last medal of honor receipent in the Civil War.
My Grandmother Tarrytown, New York History passed down from family members 1863 New York Civil War Veteran from New York
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