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"common" conversation Charles County, Maryland father's mother 1882 Charles County, Maryland Native American Indian
1.Older Cousin obtained records from Natl Archive 2.oral tradition from Mom 1.Savannah Ga family migrated from Beaufort SC 2. Windsor N.C. PBS 1.Savannah Ga family migrated from Beaufort SC 2. Windsor N.C. 1.G.G.Gfather Jake Vandross-Civil War Soldier 2.Tuscarora Indians decendent
Grandmother Groverhill , Ohio Oral and published Ohio History 1850s Mandale. Ohio Doctor D C Goings Wappoo Indian Faith Healer
I heard the strory from my mother and her siblings. He delivered goods baked by his mother-in-law to the White House. Oral family history. 1890s Caroline County, VA. Grandfather DOB 5/4/1881. Maternal grandfather said he was Irish/Indian/African. (Irish Overseer).
mother San Salvador, Bahamas formerly Watlings Island and Guanahani island As told by my mother who is trying to trace her ancestors 1700s from her grandmother who lived over 100 years. I am descendants of Caribbean Indians, Slaves and Brits.
Mother, Grandmother New York, Ontario Canada Oral and census records Six Nations Indian Reserve in Ontario, Canada African Canadian
My father New York City Oral history 1819 Long Island, NY Black Indians
My Grandmother to begin with and her grandfather Stonewall, Indian Territory Oral history from my Grandmother. This is my family history 1898 Indian Territory/Oklahoma This is a story about a "True American". This is about my ancestory.
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