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information from the great grand children of George, flora, research paper cherryvale plantation one of the many frierson plantations sumter sc family members, research on the plantaions, slave list, military documents 1800s they lived in sumter sc, some were originally from Charleston sc Geddis family slaves and exslave living on the frierson plantation
Martha A. Harris my mother. Bedford County Pennsylvania I first heard about my the family name Burgess from my mother She was born in Johnstown, Pa apr. 26 1916 This is about my mothers family who lived in Pensylvania before 1790
mother San Salvador, Bahamas formerly Watlings Island and Guanahani island As told by my mother who is trying to trace her ancestors 1700s from her grandmother who lived over 100 years. I am descendants of Caribbean Indians, Slaves and Brits.
My great-great grandmother Tyler, Texas I was 18 when she died so I heard her story firsthand 1972 It is her life. She lived to be 115
My mother wrote the letter to a cousin. A great-uncle had the bible. The family were freed blacks in Baltimore and slaves in QueenAnne's County. My maternal family history was written in a letter and in a family bible. 1813 These relatives lived in Baltimore Maryland. It is a story about understanding my identity, my character and behaviors.
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