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Virgina and Ohio oral history and research 1870s Originally from Ironton, Ohio It amazes me that I am only four generations from the slave era.
I originally heard the story from my father's first cousin. Christiana, Pennsylvania. Oral history, national news, Federal lawsuit pleadings, and several books. 1851 She is deceased. We are in Michigan by way of MD, PA, and Ontario. My story is about self-protection in the state of Pennsylvania.
information from the great grand children of George, flora, research paper cherryvale plantation one of the many frierson plantations sumter sc family members, research on the plantaions, slave list, military documents 1800s they lived in sumter sc, some were originally from Charleston sc Geddis family slaves and exslave living on the frierson plantation
Mother told history Madison County, Tennessee Oral history and watching PBS special 1800s Jackson, Tennessee (originally Medon, TN) Relationship to Tina Turner through Logan Currie
My cousin, Robert Holden, told the story at family gatherings. As the family settled in Raleigh, NC Family story passed down - substantiated by the Family Bible 1865 He is originally from Raleigh, NC Migrating North and Selecting the family name
my mother aunts and uncles are the tellers of the story Leland and Greenville Mississippi I heard the story after viewing a photo of a woman in slave garments 1930s my family is originally from mississippi and louisisana and arkansas This story surrounds my great great grandmother born in 1855
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