Mary Trump Explains Pres. Trump’s Complicated Family History

Who is the man in the Oval Office, really? Mary Trump is President Trump’s niece and a clinical psychologist. Her new memoir “Too Much and Never Enough” abandons family loyalty and the code of silence to provide a revealing portrait of her uncle. She joins Christiane to discuss.

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MARY TRUMP, NIECE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP: I’m sorry, I — there was a gap there. But it’s very difficult to know what the policy agenda is, quite honestly. I don’t believe Donald has any policy agendas. His agenda seems to be whatever benefits him. And his alliances and allegiances seem to be with people who can help him, you know, promote himself, so to speak. So, the reason he’s attracted to people like Putin and Erdogan and Kim Jong-un is because my grandfather essentially made eminently useful to more powerful — and he knows that he — on people like that to help him accomplish what he needs to accomplish. At least, he knows it on some level, because he’s never been able to accomplish anything by himself.

AMANPOUR: That’s really fascinating. And again, you quote now your aunt, Maryanne Trump, the oldest sister of the president, there’s an anecdote in which you write, on the — Maryanne called — a little sisterly advice, prepare, learn from those who know what they’re doing. Stay away from Dennis Rodman and leave his Twitter at home. Your conclusion? Did he listen to any of those?

M. TRUMP: Not one. In fact, some of the headlines the next day were Donald saying that he doesn’t need to prepare at all and he’s just going to trust his gut.

AMANPOUR: So, Mary Trump, do you feel that Maryanne was also as worried as you, he’s older sister, who I believe is a judge?

M. TRUMP: Yes. She retired recently, but she was a federal judge. Yes. In fact, I think she was probably even more concerned, because she, as his — as his sibling, knew him better than I did.

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President Trump’s niece Mary Trump discusses her blistering new memoir Too Much and Never Enough. Edward Enninful, British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, discusses diversity and inclusion efforts. Award-winning author James McBride discusses his latest book “Deacon King Kong.”