American Masters

Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams’ Friendship


Ted was ready for the greatest baseball year of his life... 1941... a year that would forever link him with another baseball icon.

1941 was the start of a dance that went between Joe DiMaggio and Williams for their entire careers.

We measured one against the other.

In '41 they both went on these tears that had never been equaled since.

Joe DiMaggio's 56th game hitting streak, a record that has still never been broken, and Ted hitting 406.

At the time DiMaggio's was more dramatic.

Dom DiMaggio, Joe's brother, who's the centerfielder for the Red Sox, Ted would get the word from the guy in the scoreboard at the base of the green monster and so he'd yell over whistle or yell over, 'Dommy, Dommy, he got another one!' That's how Dom got updated.

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