American Masters

The Science of Hitting


Beginning of my senior year I was struggling and my father checked out 'The Science of Hitting' by Ted Williams Friday night and said read it let me know what you think on Monday. Read it cover to cover and on Monday he's like what did you get out of it I said, 'Patience and discipline.'

and from then on I went on to hit 485 my senior year and got drafted by the Boston Red Sox.

The thing that glows for me out of this book and out of him is just the level of intensity and passion.

He could tell you and he did in, 'The Science of Hitting', where your elbows should be, where your nose should be pointing.

'Your hips start moving and as your hips start opening up, your hands follow through... He produced an amazing chart of the strike so I'm giving the percentage you would get from each pitch Of course I can strike a ball here, of course I can strike a ball off the ground But really if you think about it the best is this rough zone Work the count. Get a good pitch to hit when you do keep the bat on an upward plane... That's still the best book for a young hitter to get.

He was so far ahead, he was generations ahead.

You walk to the altar of Ted Williams once, once you really want to invest yourself in hitting... It's in the book, look at it.

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