American Masters

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Painting to me Is a matter of truth And Maybe a memory.

He paints the soul not just an image.

There's a darkness to Andrew Wyeth's work there's a drama And he could paint the wind He had a huge audience He had many collectors and he was criticized for that Poor Andrew Wyeth. He has committed the final sins against the art establishment People like his work and he's making money now instead of four hundred years after his death Never traveled, never went to Europe. He wanted to totally tune into Something that he could comprehend and he wanted to get deeper and deeper and deeper into this.

For 15 years, Helga was the secret occupation of America's best-known living artist.

It was a scandal because he'd kept all of this work secret that he was not telling his wife about I think every painting has a mystery to it that only the artist and the subject know He wanted to fulfill his soul.

When you know something and feel it and have a love for it, my God do it don't let it go by.

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