American Masters

Building China Modern

Production Credits

In Memorium
T’ing Pei

Produced by
Eugene B. Shirley, Jr.

Directed by
Anne Makepeace

Executive Producers
Eugene B. Shirley, Jr.
Anne Shirley

Co-Executive Producers
Caroline Courtauld
Tom Parry

Written by
Anne Makepeace & Brian Funck

Edited by
Brian Funck

Director of Photography
George Adams

Sound Mixer
J.E. Jack

Associate Producers
Kenneth Houchin
Mariam Jobrani

Production Manager for ITVS
Robby Fahey

Production Coordinators for CICC
Li Zhuang
Sun Haidong

Producer for CICC
Chen Zhiguo

Music Composed by
Huang Ruo
©2010 Huang Ruo (ASCAP)

Music performed by

Future In REverse (FIRE)

Charles Tyler, cello
Sheryl S Hwangbo, violin
Shelley Monroe Huang, bassoon
Emi Ferguson, flute
Matt Donello, percussion
Huang Ruo, piano

Score Recorded and Mixed by
Paul Vazquez

Recording Assisted by
Nick Miller
Recorded at
Skyline Recording Studios, NYC

Additional Music by
Ric Hordinski

Wu Man
©2010 Wu Man (ASCAP)

Yawny At The Apocalypse
Performed by Andrew Bird
Written by Andrew Bird
Courtesy of Wegawam Music Co. and Fat Possum Records
© 2007 Wegawam Music Co., Exclusively administered by Chrysalis Songs (BMI)

Graphics and Design
David Etzen @ redbar

Digital Artist
Jose Villarrubia

Special Effects
Alan Waldo

Additional Camera
Brian Dowley

Additional Sound
George Sharnacker

Robert N. Gold
John Taylor “Ike” Williams

Loeb and London

Lydia Chen
Ruey-Lung Hsiao
Xiaodong Shi
Fan Qinxue
Meijun Fan
Zhihe Wang
Binghuang Wang
Jeanette Zee

Video Research
Polly Pettit

Still Photography Research
Margaret Johnson

Archive Courtesy of
Charles Jencks
Journeyman Pictures
Bing Lin
Long Bow Group, Inc.
I.M. Pei
Pei Partnership Architects
Mei Zhang
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Victor Orlewicz
PACEM productions

Post-Production Services, SCETV

Operations Manager
Keith Galloway

Online Editor
Elaine Cooper

Online Associate Producer
Martha Fowler

Studio Mix

Special Thanks
Rebecca Adams
Michael Alexander
Kate Amend
Douglas Chang
Kay Chang
Lydia Chen
Christopher Choa
Alice Cunningham
Dana Dakin
Hope Denekamp
Herbert J. Ellison
Maxwell K. Hearn
Sara Hendren
Ruey-Lung Hsiao
Theresa Houchin
Donald Inadomi
Gillian Innes
Linda Kluz
Nadja Leonard
Cherie Liem
Bing Lin
Sheri Mobley
Maria Moran
Hiroko Nakamoto
Didi Pei
Sandi Pei
Nancy Robinson
Michael Rubin
Lilly Gray Rubin
Charles Schuerhoff
Eugene B. Shirley, Sr.
Marilyn Shirley
Glenna Stewart
Gerald Szeto
Paul Tao
Hannah B. Thompson
Andrew Walworth
Ben Wood
Cheung Man Yee
Musée du Louvre

Board of Consultants

William C. Kirby
Peter G. Rowe

Special Consultant
William C. McCahill, Jr.

Nancy Berliner
Simeon Bruner
Peter J. Carroll
Chang Tsong-zung
John B. Cobb, Jr.
Jane DeBevoise
William N. Goetzmann
Charles Jencks
Herbert I. London
Luo Xiaowei
Peter Nolan
Alan J. Plattus
Anil Seal
Helen F. Siu
Janet Adams Strong
James C.Y. Watt
Carter Wiseman
Wu Liangyong
Wu Tung
Xu Yinong

Board of Advisors

John T.L. Koh

Lucille A. Barale
Jeanette K. Chan
William Courtauld
Dana Dakin
Alice King
Ambrose W.H. Lam
Adeline Yen Mah
Shaun Rein
Dorothy E. Peterson
David W.C. Tang
Diane T. Woo
Shirley Young

Executives in Charge of Production for CICC
Guo Changjian
Li Xiangping
Yuan Lili

Executive Producer for CICC
Jing Shuiqing

Executive in Charge of Production for SCETV
Polly Kosko

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

For American Masters

Series Office Manager
William Meny

Series Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Kosakowska

Series Theme Music Composed by
Thomas Wagner

Series Title Designed by
B. T. Whitehill

Music Services
John Adams
Rosie Fishel

Series Production Manager
Jane Buckwalter

Business Affairs
Odell Nails

Series Publicist
Thirteen/WNET New York's Communications Group

Supervising Producer
Julie Sacks

Series Producer
Prudence Glass

Executive Producer
Susan Lacey

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