American Masters

John Lennon documentary and trailer

Production Credits

Executive Producers
Stanley Buchthal
Michael Cohl
Susan Lacy

Ed Barteski
Deborah Peretz

Produced by
Susan Lacy
Jessica Levin
Michael Epstein

Written and Directed by
Michael Epstein

In Memory
John Winston Ono Lennon

With deepest gratitude and appreciation to Yoko Ono without whom this film would not have been possible

Associate Producer
Emma Pildes

Director of Archival Research
Amilca Palmer

Director of Graphic Design
Brian Oakes

Director of Photography
Michael Chin

Graphic Design and Animation
Paul Docherty
Eric Epstein

Assistant Editor
Shana Kent

Film and Video Archivist to Yoko Ono
Karla Merrifield
For LennonOno

Production Coordination
Amanda Keeley

Archival and Production Consultant
Simon Hilton

Sound Recordist
Roger Phenix

Production Associate
Eva Lipman

Additional Assistant Editing
Paul Docherty
Ariel Mele-Algus
Paul Penczner

Additional Footage Research
Chip Madinger

Post Production Assistant
Meghan Auld
For LennonOno

Graphic Coordinator
Andrew Kachel

Assistant Production Coordinator
Sibyl Bender

Audio Coordinator
Rob Stevens

Archive Consultant
Brian Hendel

For Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right Productions
Elliot Abbott
Jonathan Linden
Liza Abbott
Ana Cielo
Jamie Forshaw

Joe DePlasco
Aliza Rabinoff
DKC Public Relations

Title Design
Brian Oakes Design

Graphic Design Production
Tim D’Amico
Natella Kataev

Auden Oakes

Re-Recording Mixer
Ed Campbell

Supervising Sound Editor
Eliza A. Paley

Sound Effects Editor
Glenfield Payne

Sound Editor
William A. Sweeney

Assistant Sound Editor
Mari Matsuo Colley

Online Editorial
Martin Benn

Benjamin J. Murray
Chris MacKenzie

Lenono Film Archive Colorist
Dave Northrop

Additional Photography
Joel Shapiro
Nigel Reynolds

Additional Sound Recording
Scott Harber
Simon Ware

Assistant Camera
Steve Bowers
Michael Pruitt Bruun
Damon W. Bundschuh
Jonathan Weaver

Armando Salas

Valli O’Reilly
Rosemary Redlin

Production Assistants
Eric Binns
Nate Cummings
Caleb Heller
Bao Nguyen
Pepe N. Urquito
Brian M. Yost

Technical Support
Chip McGowan
Jermaine Pinnock
Sean Riordan

Matthew Chao
Tamar Glatman-Zaretsky
Hillary Hubley
Lauren Kraus
Abigail Saenz
David Tucker

Special Thanks
Jessica Berman-Bogden
Stan Bronstein
Dick Cavett
Danny Cornejo
Fran Curtis
Jack Douglas
Sarah Field
Roberta Findlay
Sandra Furton Gabriel
Leonora Goldberg
Jenny Golden
Ken Hahn
Jonas Herbsman
Maja Hoffmann
David Koh
Toby Mamis
Geraldo Rivera
SHOP Studios
Peter Shukat

Photographs Courtesy of
Dennis Elsas
Michael Epstein
Everett Collection
Getty Images
Bob Gruen
George Kalinsy
Lesley Kearney
Lenono Archive
Michael Leshnov
Iain Macmillan
Cyril Maitland
Jack Mitchell
David Nutter
May Pang
Lilo Raymond
Geoff Rhind
Ben Ross
Nishi Saimaru
Scope Features
Michel Senecal
Kishin Shinoyama
David Spindel
Allan Tannenbaum

Archival Footage Courtesy of
ABCNEWS, Geraldo Rivera, Willowbrook
ABCNEWS VideoSource
Footage World
Getty Images
Historic Films Archive LLC
ITN Source
Lenono Archive
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NBC News Archives/Daphne Productions
Producers Library
Reelin’ in the Years Productions LLC
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Excerpts of “Walden” and “He Stands in a Desert” by Jonas Mekas

“Pop Deux”, Dir. Pierre Desfons, Prod. Maurice Dumay
courtesy of INA–Institut National De L’audiovisuel

Excerpts of “Breathing Together: Revolution of the Electric Family”
by Morley Markson

Archival Audio Courtesy of
BBC Motion Gallery
Dennis Elsas
Lenono Archive
Westwood One

Periodicals courtesy of
e5 Global Media, LLC
Hartford Courant
Los Angeles Times
Rolling Stone
The Washington Post

Lyric Images and Album Covers
Courtesy Lenono Archive

John Lennon’s studio talkback
Courtesy of Yoko Ono

Executive Assistant to Susan Lacy
William Meny

Production Supervisor
Junko Tsunashima

Series Theme Music Composed by
Thomas Wagner

Series Title Designed by
B. T. Whitehill

Music Services
Rosie Fishel
Emily Lee

Series Production Manager
Jane Buckwalter

Business Development
Josh Nathan
Ranfi Rivera
Business Affairs
Odell Nails

Series Publicist
WNET.ORG’s Communications Group

Supervising Producer
Julie Sacks

Series Producer
Prudence Glass

Executive Producer
Susan Lacy

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