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PBS Previews | Jacques Pépin: The Art of Craft


I want to show you how to make it so it looks nice. The smell of the kitchen like when I was a kid, it became very visceral. You know, and so I went to the direction of the restaurant. At that time any good mother would have wanted her child to marry a doctor or a lawyer - certainly not a cook. There was not much glory to it, but it has changed a great deal.

Everyone say, 'I can't cook,' you know, 'I don't have time to cook.' Well you don't need that much time to cook well.

Jacques teaches me something every time I talk to him. His understanding about waste - to never waste food. 'It looks really bad - yeah that's bad; you'll have to cut that piece off.'

It all comes from a different place - that thinking about food.

It did fulfill my life and you know fill my belly, haha. Now it's time to enjoy it.

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