Speaker I understood that one of the things I used to get up on the stand introduced the guys, the man he said and now on vibes, Terry Benko.

Speaker Actually, you can bank, you go banker. But I'll tell you how that game really when he brought it up was we did The Ed Sullivan Show one time and Teddy Wilson was playing piano with us for about a year. Now, the whole world knew Teddy Wilson was a black piano player. They want to use black, very famous and tell he could not make The Ed Sullivan Show.

Speaker So they brought in a guy called Bernie Leighton, very well-known piano player. Now, we rehearse all week. Betty never said hello to Bernie. We never said no. We was, didn't care. We was.

Speaker And we rehearsed all week with Ed Sullivan and all we had to do was play our song and then he would walk to the right and go offstage. That I've never said a load of any effort to introduce him. We played our song and once again, Bernie Layton's a white lady and piano player, Teddy Black. So, Bernie, we rehearse all week, 10 times a day, the same song. We do the hour bit on the show now. And from left field, Ed Sullivan got the thing to stretch, which means can kill more time. So he said, Hello, Benny.

Speaker Then he came of it. And now Benny was going off to the right and had made a left turn the whole week. And I threw Benny a curve immediately. And that's all it was left to himself. So Benny made a left turn and went over to Ed Sullivan and you know why he was there? And he said, Oh, Ben, he was in a band. So Benny looked at me first. He tried his see by real name. He tried say, Jerry given Ben called me a banjo all the time.

Speaker He's on vibes and the Bengel. My mother loved that. She knocked her out. And then he did get the drummer and he got the bass player. Right. And he said on piano and he looked at a stranger's piano player because you never saw before he was there alone, he could barely stand on piano. Teddy Wilson. Now we the whole band, we made triple tapes as he was playing piano. We didn't believe it make up a name. Irving was anything but not Teddy Wilson. So that was Benny wasn't Lynnfield. He was very foggy. Other examples of being fine. Well, these are all cute stories that Benny love and I were telling jokes.

Speaker I would have these funny stories. And, you know, Benny, who sometimes, if you were sitting there, would not be sitting in his chair and he would be staring at a chair. You sat down, he'd be looking you right in the eye, not even knowing you there. So I'm telling this story, this funny story. And I getting to the punch line. I got my hands up and you're ready now. Hit the punch. I got my hands away. And he turns around, walked away from me. And I'm standing here with my hands up in here alone. He just turned on, walked away from me. He didn't. The point I'm getting, he didn't probably hear one thing I said to him. He was probably figure out on a flat scale, assuming he was somewhere else completely.

Speaker Funny when I remember the first time you heard him play.

Speaker Yes, I was a babe. I was. I think maybe eight, nine, 10 years old. I would go to the Paramount Theater at 14, 15 and be one of the first ones line. So I can be there all day, all day. And just to meet to actually when I got a chance to play, one was probably of all the things I've done in my career and I've been very fortunate. Without blowing my own horn, conducting with Steve Allen for 15 years, winning the Downbeat Award six, seven time, not only was I won everything I've done in my life, my own big band was considered one of the greatest dream bankers in one of the greatest bands of all time. I think working for Benny Goodman was a highlight for me because I never thought I'd ever get a chance, because there was only at that time only one Vij player that played for Benny. That was Lionel Hampton. That was before red level playful. And so when I got a chance to play for him, that was the biggest thrill. But once again, musically, I had the most fun and even personally a lot of fun. But I found out at the man and the clarinet is, what, two completely different people. He was like his buddy was saying before in an interview, genius. Nobody, very few geniuses to me, maybe Arcadium and Charlie Parker, but Benny Goodman was that good. I enjoy to play with him, but has once again a human being who I hate to say this, but he was complete folly. Idiot. A man couldn't remember anybody's name. He I tell us on stage he he would memorize Concerto for Clarinet or rollicking overnight and play the next day of the boundy memory and play the next day. He never Kurumi a name. One time we were rehearsing at his house and his wife who holds the title Lady Hannemann, I think it's a. She came in as a Benny Shy, bringing musicians some Cokes. He said, not now. Pops couldn't remember his wife's name. It was it got to a point where everybody was positive. Women, children, dogs, fire hydrants. Everything was pops. A little foggy and also I was thinking, I got to get your audience to been watching this. I say this all with respect, because I really loved him and he loved me. He was really very frugal, actually more. He was very cheap. Let me put it honestly. I got in a cab with him one time and it came to 40 cents. You know, those days, the cabs. This is good. I worked from 1950, came to 40 cents. And he says a pops' bankers are the well who say there like I 40 cents. He says, give me 20 cents. And I call him some.

Speaker You realize you put him in the ice and you pay, right? Not even a tip, 40 cents. You could make him 20. Didn't give me like 40 cents. It was weird.

Speaker What was it musically for you that made it exciting to play with? What was the choir? Was it because it was Swanger or because.

Speaker Yes, I'm a time play. I love time. And he had he really had the best time, especially those days that the time was over. Benny would play a lot of the same things a lot of times. He would repeat causes, but they were so good that it was worthwhile playing with an ear or hearing. And I really enjoyed playing with it. And it was a challenge. He really was the man in a way. I got. We did a television show for 26 weeks or 30. We've called Star Time. And in fact, Frances Langford, who was one of the All-Time movie stars. She had to sing with the sextet. And every time she come over to say, Benny, what do we do now? He'd look. I wrote like he never saw before. And he said, Well, if you win, Pops, Connery could remember her name. You know, she was. But what was it? I was back to get back to where I was.

Speaker Because I can ramble on like an idiot. It's all this wonderful thought. Let's talk about Bob about what was happening. I mean, this was supposed about band for a while.

Speaker Well, the one I played with was not a be bop. And it's actually he already went through his bebop trying to play bebop and he was very smart to stop before he tried to really get into it because there was no reason for him to play bebop. Just there was I mean, there was no reason for Lester Young. The changes style of playing. There was no reason for Art Tatum to have changed. So there was no reason for Benny Goodman, because whatever Benny did was modern, no matter what it swung and it made you tap your foot. So when I work with him, we've just played out now. Swing music and oh, I will point out we didn't get to before. He was very demanding. I go to rehearsal for the. That is is television. We go to rehearsal and I say, what are we gonna play today? And he's all going to temptation, Ray. Now there's a tune that I never heard my life. I didn't know. Never heard the title four billion knows he plays for me. And I said with the music, Benny is just fine. The pop pops find a poor. I never heard the song. Won't you find a Harry Potter and he and you don't want you found a harmony by you. He played a few times and it was like it was a challenge, but it was a great challenge.

Speaker Louis, you said before, you know, everyone called maybe a five year that we call them off camera. Yeah. Did the fact that you would stand up to them?

Speaker Yeah, well, that was how it all happened. It happened at one rehearsal. I pulled him off the piano player and I said we joined the six at the same day. Now, Paul, that time Paul's about six foot four and he weighed about close to 400 pounds. And Paul had a temper. And I was about 22, 23 years old. And these are my young days where I couldn't talk to somebody. If I gotten it was some kind of I could hit him in two seconds. I want to be a fight. I was a boxer. And so I would lose my cool, too. But I'm not gonna lose my cool. I loved him. So we got to the first rehearsal. And now when Jerry Wilson was on the band, you played the first chorus and then the piano player comes out and basically would always play in two now. So we play the first chorus. And this is NOLA Studios, where the place is so funky and dirty and the piano will well, does no. And we go up there and we play the first chord. I'm Paul Smith comes out playing and the bass was I was playing for and then he looked at the Beatles is on a plane to Bob's. So Paul playing two minutes and two seconds. He, I don't know, playing for so he looks down at Paul because nobody ever talk back to Benny. Really? Nobody ever did. He was good. And he looked at poor visibility is a lot of playing to pops and impose a no no play for. And Benny looked out again at Paul and said, play over. He's just playing until Pops. And Paul stood up. The six foot four and slammed the piano in a hole does flew all the place and looked down at Benny's. If you want to own your car is mine is for you. Okay, Pops. So that was that thing. Now we're playing a little bit. And there was a I heard about Benny with that so-called RE. And as I mentioned before, of if nobody was sitting in a chair, if somebody said out like nobody there, I'm playing. And I felt that icy stare. And I stopped playing and you will foul language. What am I gonna do? I said, What the hell are you looking at? And he panic. Oh, was I looking at you, Pops? That was the end of that. And I'll tell you another thing that happened. We were playing in Nova Scotia and somebody put the mikes underneath the vibe, usually on top. They put on 'neath and they did have a little loud. Now, this is is making his comeback. He's been out of the business for years. And Joe Glazer helped them put a group together. And I was part of the group. And they must been 10000 people squashed against the big stages while we were playing it because Benny's making his comeback. Most famous musician of all time. And they had the mikes, as I said, real on my butt. And they were loud and we finished playing a tune. Well, gang applause. And he waits till everything dies down and bite his tongue. And he says, a good bingo shot at my golf. And in my day, rise the box, if if, my God, they're burning, feeling all I knew was to hit somebody and I was embarrassed. Then I got that burning feeling and I knew I if if I don't walk off the stage, I'm going to hit them. So I said, Benny, I got to talk to you. I said, I'll walk you off the stage. And he looked me. What's better? I said, I got to talk. He's going to follow me off the stage. And then he came back. Oh, always. A shot at the mission. We just play one song. And he came off this agency and I actually told called him every name you can think of. And I said, you have to do that me again. I'm gonna keep this in his. So we got back on stage and he don't apologize. How he apologized to me was actually he's what I want to play.

Speaker If I'm the man when I'm 22, is that what you want to play? It was all I got out of my system, my screen. That was the end. So I demanded and I love the man. I said, I don't care anything. He says, Oh, how, what, how, how, how high? The moon. That was the Bieber up too, in those days. And he knew I was a Bieber. So we played how high the moon. I don't think he ever played it before in his life. But that that and there were 10000 people squashed against the state. You know, he said to me, well, by the way, when we got this age, I said, You ever do little kid? He doesn't. Nobody out there. Nobody out there. He didn't see anybody were 10th out. And I'm serious, 10000 people. He squashed against the state. There's nobody out there.

Speaker Well, what was the relationship like between Benny and Terry that year that Terry was in the band?

Speaker Did you give anything about amusedly about there? Well, you play the back and forth.

Speaker Well, I'll tell you what he did for me. I'll tell you a great story that Teddy told me. Benny called him one time, too, as a guest to be a guest. It has a place in Levittown. They will play. They were going to do a thing in Levittown, an afternoon party. It was an afternoon cocktail party. And he said, a black tie. Bring your wife. You know, it'll be white for these things. So Teddy showed up for the black tie affair, which is the party, his wedding. And when Teddy got he said the only ones he saw wearing a tuxedo were a drummer and a bass player. And he figured, Benny call him a play. So he walked over to Benny and he said, Benny, on phase, I'm glad you invited me to your party. But if I play one note on the piano, it's gonna cost you a thousand dollars a pop. He had to do it because Isaac Stern, the violin, play with it. Also he perform. And then he had the little quartet to play and he couldn't do without Jerry. So I repeat, Teddy. I mean, a thousand dollars to do that thing. Now, Teddy was great with me. I went to work for Benny. I left Woody Herman's band. And for some reason, bebop was a bad name. Those days in nineteen forty eight. And if you were a big bob or something, you would consider it. Either you were a junkie or whatever. And 40. I left my bag. That was in fact my life. I went to the doctor for penicillin shot in my family. I'd cringe and you have to follow me around a room, catch me because I could make meals. So I wasn't part of that scene, but I couldn't get a job. And then Benny called me. And which was knock me out. It really knocked me out. So he got me for seventy five dollars to do a television show. Now. One hundred and fifty dollars was actually the going rate. But when you have a job, no job, you take anything. So I took the job. And when you went for Benny Goodman. That to trauma Aubusson, I was getting calls from 84 contractors, Mitch Miller, you name it, to come to recognize 40, regulate a day and I'll go direct days that my grandmother could've done. I go on the music, we notes bom bom. Any idiot could have done it, but I was with Benny Goodman, so they called me. So I do all these recordings and I start to get hot. So I figure, well, I'm getting more. And I got important to Benny, which is very important as I found out as a bandleader. The one you pay the most is the one who is most important to you in the band. So I got important to him. And I want I told Terry that I was gonna have to leave. I couldn't make it, Terry. We loved each other. It was a gentle person. The man said he says, what do you have to have? I said. Five hundred seventy five dollars. I would be able to do it. So he says, go ask Benny for 300. I said, I'm making 75. I says, I know Benny go asking for 300. So I went to Benny and I found out something. You never leave Benny in the eye because you look at me, I you'll talk yourself out here, you'll go for sixty five dollars. So you forget about that. So I went I said, Benny, I looked at his knee, I look at his shirt, anything but his eye. I said, I've been getting all these calls and I'm getting very busy and I have to have more money. What do you have to have, Popson? It was hard for me to say. I still have to have 300 years. Come on, you couldn't get more than hundred seventy five dollars right on the head. He hit right on it. What Jerry said. Now, this is too late. I'm getting hotter because not only is getting with Benny, but the producer of the show, because I'm kind of up and I had Benny swing and we were having fun playing. So now I quit and I was getting calls also from other people, too. I, I went to Teddy's and Terry. Once again, I may have to quit. Is it. Well what do you can. I said if I can get 300, he's going for 500. I said I was just making seventy five dollars. You ago he's. I'm telling you, Terry. So I went to Benny one thing and I said, Benny, I'm really getting busy. How much if I can make these shows. Well, what do you have to have the. Now you already know what was good. Benko. He's getting serious with me. I said, well, once again, I look at his shoes anywhere. I said, I have to have 500 and I have to have five on his. You can make more than 300. And right on the head. And he gave me the 300. Now, the point I was really Byrdland was calling my own band. Everybody one way. Because when you're on television. In fact, what I used to go down to Birdland before I joined Benny when I was out of work, it was 99 cents to get in. They wouldn't let me come in 99 cents when they saw me on television. Market market, little midgets. Jack Benny, come on, get in here. No, Charlie, give me. Give me give me a drink. I would anybody want because I was with Benny Goodman. Now I wanted 500. I told Tanya I want to go ask for hundred dollars. I said, Terry. I'm telling you, I know Benny Goodman. So I went through my pitch again. I have to have more money. Why do you have to have. And I try to say eight hundred wouldn't come out. I finally I said I have to have 750. Five on his nose. You can get from any tavernese. He gave me 500. I was with him after that. But he got me that money.

Speaker That's great. Let me get you some water. No, I think we would have nothing to see if I thought what I was making.

Speaker Seventy five hours with Benny. I was.

Speaker All right, Ron, hold on one sec for the plane tickets.

Speaker When Benny was pay me seventy five dollars a week, I was living, my ex-wife myself were living on 124 Street, New York, in one 1/2 rooms. We had to be the janitors to live there. I think it cost us about thirty five dollars a month. But we had to show all the apartments. There were holes in the walls and it was really terrible. We have no money, you know. And I'm doing the show with Benny and I happen to be having a jam session after about a week of playing Benny at my house and Art Blakey and a few other musicians that were playing. And I get a call from lefi from Benny. He's said, What are you doing in Vegas? I said, I'm having a jam session. Myles's. Oh, really? I'll come over. Where do you live? You're going to show up at all? I live on. I gave the address. He's actually come to a jam session about an hour later. Keppel's up and Benny walks out and he comes in the house and he's playing with us and he's looking over the one room with also cracks in the walls and rats go through the workplace.

Speaker And after everybody left, he says he's not in the bank. Oweis is a you'll get to another apartment. I said, I'm looking for Beni's as I may have some for you want out of my mind completely. By three days later, I get a call. Hey, this is Benny. Hey, Ben. How you doin? Is a I found your place. I said, really? So you have five rooms. I said, Phyla, how much is the causes? Nothing. Hundred dollars a room. I said, usually that's five. I all your baby's seventy five dollars. You hung up on me. Boom. That was the end of that. I didn't have him anymore. Five hundred dollars with the apartment is. Give me seventy five dollars. Are you sure. I want to go. I say there's always work. He was in left field. He was just in the field. Now I want to tell you another story. This at the time was not funny.

Speaker Not at all. But now when I can think about it, it is funny. I was going to go through some dumb divorce. I was going through a horrible divorce, really horrible, where I really had maybe a million dollars, but I was loose. I lost the whole thing and I was given five hundred dollars a month to live on by the attorneys, took all the moneys and I got an idea for a television show for Benny. I was doing some television at the time and I was learning about producing so I would get an idea what I was going to do. I was going to recreate the whole Carnegie Hall concert with rehearsal with Peggy. Everything was going to be done. It can be camera style, all rehearsals, Peggy Lee, anybody. Nobody was, you know, anything on had Benny but the Carnegie Hall concert, we would have done really. And what we're gonna do is put mistakes in the music. Those people have never seen rehearsal with guys saying I have mistaken what was BS, Benny would say, not what I did. Now, he had seventeen dollars left to live on that month. I had about a week and a half to go. That was my food and whatever else I was in, it's been so what I did like a television show I put down, I had a stopwatch and I had to make a phone call to New York from California, Hollywood person to person. And how did you this afternoon? Because the time change. So I'm thinking I'm going to spend about eight dollars. This phone call, I had a timed out. I found how much was per minute and I wrote down. Now, I can't start out by saying then I've got to tell show. He loves the Giants and Dodgers to talk baseball for twelve seconds.

Speaker Fifteen seconds. Then I'll get into the thing that I have never to my speech about what kind of show? Candid Camera. I had a time out. It was eight dollars and I'm left with about nine dollars myself with were like now that's what fifteen days. So I get a one person person, I get him on the phone. He's a good guy. You're feeling great. I the Giants Bill and he's all that great and now I'm ready. Hit him with the next thing that's. I got my stopwatch. I got eight seconds. Okay, great.

Speaker Hey, when somebody was a load you and he's sick in my league at the office on a sixty six floor building and is he had a secretary called Muriel was most powerful lady in the world. That was the secretary. Well Muriel gets on a you know, she's talking to me about five minutes already. I'm already into my chopped liver and everything that I want to eat for next week. And my stopwatch, I'm eight minutes, nine minutes overtime. And finally I said, listen, Muriel, I can't I mean, I have a television show. You'll regulate whatever I said. I had nothing to do. But I she's waiting. I think what it's like I get let me find him and she put the phone down.

Speaker Now, I've already been in the next month's money for about like a week and a half. The idiot left the office. He went, he completely forgot I was a phone, went downstairs. She finally got him downstairs on the ground floor, had to go back sixty flight, sixty six lines up and then got on the phone. And after I finally got to talk, like I tell him about my idea, he said we had a sponsor. I said, well, I have to have permission from you, you know, get me a sponsor, I'll do a goodbye. That was the end of that time I was sick with now. And I think about it now. It's funny because but at that time it was not funny.

Speaker Guys, I really when I kept looking at stopwatch with the time moving, my heart was beating faster. I really had no money. And when you have no money, well, it's a terrible feeling. And I was eating up my next month's money, but he he forgot completely. I was on a phone.

Speaker A while. I mentioned a while back and that the penny was unapproachable, he was like, you know.

Speaker He was one of the guys who was left. He'll have the time. But every time I'd be willing, I'd ask, like I was just looking at him, staring him. He was that face was so famous to me that I would try to ask as many questions when we were together. You know, I tried to find my Gene Krupa about this. So I asked him one time I said the. Benny, who was who your favorite lead trumpet players. And he said, Bunny Berrigan and Doug McNamee. I said, Well, what do you think, Harry James? I don't know, Larry. Harry James, the chumbley. You know, he's I don't know him and I can't follow. I said, Harry. And then I realized Sid, his wife told me that he never knew anybody's name. Anybody was pops him. And I kept saying, Harry James, you don't. It saying, I didn't know him. So now about this is years later. Joe Glazer was going to put together a show with Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman, reunion band. And then he told Joe, Just get me Ziggy Elman on the West Coast, bring in Ziggy. So they got rehearsal. Benny and Joe Glazer, Joe Toby Zoid. They go to rehearsal and. When he gets here, he looks over the bandages. I told you to get me Zillman, just the jig was up there. That's not a Yellowman. He didn't know one guy, his name from the other guy's name because he thought Harry Jank was a.. That's a he's a classic. And he said and Yogalates had the worst temper. And he called them all kinds of names. That's Zingale. That's not a yellow.

Speaker Wouldn't believe that was a. Well, now, how do you estimate?

Speaker How about half? Very talking, being advised player. And if you had anything to do with hands, that sort of helps us place him in terms of Benny Goodman s career.

Speaker Yes, yes. Yes. I'll tell you out loud, I got in the way kind of typing away way. That Buddy mentioned the story to you that I happen to be on the Tommy Dorsey band when that time when he hit him. Now, what actually happened is that.

Speaker Louis Bellson was on about when they and they were making this movie picture and I joined Tommy Dorsey band and I went from the East Coast to the West Coast on a train. My mother would let me fly and I played one, two, and he gave my notice. I was just a kid. And because the music had nothing to what I wanted to do to tell me when, let me leave. He made me sit there for it for two weeks and onstage and never let me place. So Louie Bellson wanted Denny to hear me. And so he says Benny would love what you places. Why do we we stay after hours and we'll make a tape, which is why recording those days I think it was so Bill Miller, the piano player, we with a Frank Sinatra. He was on the band The Time I Forget the bass player and and Louie Bellson myself. We made this tape to get to Benny. And so that was the day that what had actually happened is Tommy would work till two o'clock at morning and have to be there on the set at six o'clock in the morning. And when you get there, there's one day. Which probably was every day Benny would start playing Newling plays some jet. He would do it. I would jump in with him because Lana loves to play. That's what he lives for.

Speaker And they would jam and finally tell me what it was. I wanted to stop that I haven't slept. You guys are always late, isn't it? So Benny put the clarinet down. Three months later, completely forgotten what he did. So I explained again aloud, jumped in immediately. And again, Tommy would tell me, listen, I as you guys establish and yell at them, you know. And three minutes later, Benny forgot, completely started and allow.

Speaker And then he punched him. He. And Benny went home. So. And had the tapes. We played a flower. Hampton. And so Lionel was while I get a call from his. Is a manager. Say Lyle heard the tape and he'd like to have me. Do I play any other instruments? I do play drums. I play all the backup instruments. Lionel would love to have you play drums in a band.

Speaker And in fact, Lionel got engaged. The gates. You play some drums and a blazer. But I appreciate it. You'll be my my. I'll. I'll. I'll feed you. You'll be played for five weibe solos.

Speaker Now, after a while, I got a call that maybe two vibe's old and then Gladys Coggs. And listen, that not that I can be at it believing that there was no competition for. You can't upstage Lyle no matter what. He'll do anything to do it, do you? And so they just want me to play drums. So and I told you I quit the Tommy Dorsey band, which I had to pay my own way home. But Lionel paid my way home because he hired me, actually. So he paid my way home.

Speaker But we became good friends in a building. I never talk much about Lyle.

Speaker I don't think they even both of them, both in Sheffield. So they may not have known each other while they are in the band. So we talked about Benny now.

Speaker Once again, Benny being frugal. And every time we do this on stage with Buddy and Herb myself, Arabella's we tell Benny Goodman stories and horrible say that he threw us, you know, is cheap, is cheap. Without a doubt, one of the cheapest person I mentioned to you, I you know that to ask me for 20 cents when the cab came to 40 cents. Now, Joe Glees once again put the band together again after Benny was out of business when we first started, we will open up in Chicago, his hometown, The Blue Note. We opened up opening night. There was a line around the corner you could not get in. And Benny was all related and so knocked out that things so ever I'd done. He looked at all of us and says, eight guys come out and have some breakfast. Then we all went out to this place for breakfast and we Hayton came to Jackie. Jackie took a cheque and he paid it. And then the next night we had a line around to call it.

Speaker It was business with even 20 guys dead. And the audience was standing up, cheering for Benny was all happy again. He's a guy breakfasting in the second. And we go out if the check is a check and he goes, he the. Down the court, a hamburger steak, Vall, 18 for the chicken livers. We had to give a dollar 18 a dollar bill. He collected about seven dollars was so we could chip in for the check.

Speaker That lovely. But he was a bit frugal. That's why it was you. I got went from seventy five dollars to five hundred. Thank God for Teddy Wilson. Why wouldn't a lot of Joe.

Speaker There are great stories I can can't give anything else to ask you, is there?

Speaker Oh, just like I said before. One of the highlights of my my whole career was. Would've been a good thing because it was he at one time, many was more famous. Then the president and states around the world, more people around the world knew of Benny Goodman then whoever was our president. The time. He was the king of swing and and was the biggest honor I ever had my life. Well, just getting on stage with him. And it was another thing I would say he would be very embarrassing on stage sometimes because he would pick his nose. Or he would. He would. Like. If you want to get this, you can edit. But I have to say he would turn around once while he would first where the audience would stop applauding. A lot of laws say chewers is and forget there's anybody in the world. And he turned around one time to the piano player. I do this. He turned around like he only is. What did you guys do today? And now there's an audience out right in front of the audience, out in front. And, you know, when you're on stage and you don't know what to do because you're part of him, you know, you don't know where to look or what to do. He was Barazi without I'll you. We were doing a record eight and and unintelligible at the same time, and the drummer called Terry Snider, who was the busiest drummer in the studio. He was doing the Perry Como show. He's on staff at CBS and he took the job for just for the Prestige because he quit after six because he was too busy, whatever he was doing. We go do the regulate. And Benny, his show. Half the time was half out. He was the greatest dresser in the world. He would pull out any jacket, any pair of pants Vermont would have to match. And he just put them on and we're playing. And unfortunately, his nose is running, you know. You know, it's embarrassing. Nobody everybody's in all of Benny Goodman. Nobody says anything. You know, it's running. And finally it's getting down to his lip. And, you know, once again, Terry, it could make an even keel. Benny Goodman. And he said, a Benny, would you wipe your nose? Your nose is running. So Benny went like this. Like this. And then he was jagged, like kicking it all over the place. We didn't believe it. But when it came to playing the record, he played that great. The playing have his playing of you. He had nothing to do with that precedent. If you were going to say never saw Benny Goodman your life. You would actually put Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw was face because you knew he played well, Dr. Audy, Audie was that great a player anyhow. But you would expect to be a completely different style person than what you heard, because he was he may have been different with his friends. I'm not sure how he was, but around the musicians. And he could and he could be nasty to some people.

Speaker We had a drummer called Sid Bugan. Oh. So he wanted to hire Mike after I left the group. He wanted to put a band in about six months later. By this time, I had a group with a drama course at Bugan and Don Elliott, who played Mella phone and played with a divide duet with Housebreak and Horace Silver piano player. And Billy. No horsewoman, I forget, who was playing drums, maybe Art Blakey. And he came in, heard the man, and he wanted me to go with him. And I didn't want to give up the group. So Joe Glazer is actually the agent said, look, if you go with Benny, I'll I'll book you back at every place that Benny plays, because I promise you that. And Joe is an argument. And but I didn't want to give up the thing I had with Don Elliott, who played vibes, and the drummer, Sid was very importantly that time. So I said if he hired the drummer and Don Elliott, I'll I'll go now. He may don't play trumpet because he didn't would do the multiforme. Now we get to the first job and. Once again, if you let Benny get to you, he'll rip you apart.

Speaker He never fooled me because the first incident and he was sort of he like me, plus a little afraid of me. Little free. And we get to the first job we're playing, maybe not a bar and a song, and he turns rather drones late, pops your pedals, leading to the drummer trying to fix the pedal, not a BOSELEY. He says, listen to Hiatt speaking to noise by the end of the song. The drummer. I don't think he was playing the drums. He was squeaking fixings. We can try to get oil. I think he left the group left last three, four days because he couldn't take it anymore. It was just to a point where he had him having a nervous breakdown. He could do that very easy, especially if you were the younger people who were never Denholm and were of you know, you were just one of those things you really wanted. You were you were so thrilled to be there. And I guess so. And I was thrilled, but I was just young and cocky, didn't know any better. But we got along great.

Speaker That's amazing. It's fantastic. It true and true. True. That goes on.

Speaker Well, this is a wild track to fill in for the story that he delivered last night. What are the Jainism today?

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