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Film/TV A to Z
Ball, Lucille
Burnett, Carol
Cassavetes, John
Chaney, Lon
Chaplin, Charlie
Cronkite, Walter
Cukor, George
Dean, James
Eastwood, Clint
Ford, John
Forman, Milos
Garland, Judy
Gish, Lillian
Goldwyn, Samuel
Grant, Cary
Griffith, D.W.
Hewitt, Don
Hitchcock, Alfred
Kaye, Danny
Kazan, Elia
Keaton, Buster
Lloyd, Harold
Lucas, George
May, Elaine
Monroe, Marilyn
Newhart, Bob
Nichols, Mike
Paar, Jack
Peck, Gregory
Poitier, Sidney
Rogers, Will
Salt, Waldo
Scorsese, Martin
Selznick, David O.
Serling, Rod
Stevens, George
Sturges, Preston
Wilder, Billy
Wayne, John
Wyler, William