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Jacques Pépin Makes Onion Soup Gratinée
Onion Soup
In this episode of "American Masters: At Home," Pépin teaches us how to make onion soup gratinée: "You can do an onion soup, just the onion sauteed with the chicken stock or beef stock, and serve it like this by itself, and that would be an onion soup. But when you add the words gratinée, it is done with a crust of bread and of course cheese."
Premiered: 11/18/2021
Jacques Pépin Makes Shrimp-Stuffed Portobello
Pépin came up with his recipe for shrimp-stuffed portobello mushrooms when he was working in Paris in the 1950s. "I remember doing escargot, or the snail in French, and instead of putting them in the shell, we used to put them into individual mushrooms. We also put them in artichoke bottoms, so you could eat the whole thing." His recipe has breadcrumbs, garlic, butter and herbs.
Premiered: 11/18/2021
S35 Ep20
Becoming Helen Keller
Revisit the complex life and legacy of the author, advocate and human rights pioneer. Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind, used her celebrity and wit to champion rights for women, people with disabilities and people living in poverty.
Premiered: 10/19/2021
Lights, Camera, Acción
Discover the candid perspectives of Latine actors, writers, producers, directors, and showrunners across generations as they dissect the ever-evolving issue of Latine representation in Hollywood. Featuring Edward James Olmos, John Leguizamo, Xolo Maridueña ("Cobra Kai"), and Julissa Calderon ("Gentefied"), Peter Murrieta ("Mr. Iglesias"), Marvin Lemus ("Gentefied") and more.
Premiered: 10/5/2021
S35 Ep19
Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It
Discover how Moreno defied her humble upbringing and racism to become one of a select group of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award winners. Explore her 70-year career with new interviews, clips of her iconic roles and scenes of the star on set today.
S33 Ep2
Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me
The first major film documentary to examine Sammy Davis, Jr.'s vast talent and his journey for identity through the shifting tides of civil rights and racial progress during 20th century America.
Premiered: 2/19/2019
Jean Malin: Queen of the Pansies
Jean Malin was one of the first openly gay performers in the Prohibition era during the "pansy craze" of the early 1930s. Malin stood six feet tall, weighed 200 pounds, and had a wavy crop of blonde hair to die for. Although he was effeminate and a female impersonator, he was known to put hecklers and homophobes in their place with his wit — and his fists!
Premiered: 9/3/2021
Flawless Sabrina: Queer Icon and Star of 'The Queen'
She was an artist, activist, gay mother and mentor to hundreds of queer and gender non-conforming youth over the years and starred in the fabulous 1968 drag documentary "The Queen," about a drag competition that she organized. She was full of life advice for her many mentees, including her reminder that “normal is just a setting on a dryer.”
Premiered: 8/20/2021
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