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S24 Ep6
A Letter to Elia
A Letter to Elia
Composed of clips, stills, readings from Kazan's autobiography and his speech on directing (read by Elias Koteas), a videotaped interview done late in Kazan's life, and Scorsese's commentary on and offscreen, A Letter to Elia takes a close look at the life of art and its creation - the work, the distractions, the inspirations, the complications, the intersections between art and experience.
Premiered: 10/3/2010
S24 Ep5
Cachao: Uno Mas
Cachao: Uno Mas
El bajista Israel “Cachao” López, ganador de múltiples premios Grammy, murió en Coral Gables, Florida en marzo de 2008, a la edad de casi 90 años. Un maestro legendario a nivel internacional y considerado uno de los músicos más grandes del género afro-cubano de todos los tiempos, él había hecho su hogar en los Estados Unidos durante las últimas cuatro décadas.
Premiered: 9/20/2010
S24 Ep4
Merle Haggard: Learning to Live with Myself
Merle Haggard: Learning to Live with Myself
Hailed as "country music's Frank Sinatra" in a recent review of his latest release I AM WHAT I AM (Vanguard Records), American Masters celebrates this "Lonesome Fugitive" in Merle Haggard: Learning to Live with Myself premiering Wednesday, July 21 at 9 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings.)
Premiered: 7/21/2010
S24 Ep3
The Doors: When You're Strange
The Doors: When You're Strange
Robby Krieger, guitarist for The Doors, talked to PBS at the 2010 SXSW festival in conjunction with a screening of When You're Strange, a film about The Doors premiering for AMERICAN MASTERS. Krieger talks about the the use of previously unseen archival footage used in the film, the use of Doors fan Johnny Depp as the narrator, and his inspiration for creating music.
Premiered: 5/9/2010
S24 Ep2
I.M. Pei: Building China Modern
'I.M. Pei: Building China Modern' follows the architect on a personal and architectural journey from west to east, where he was invited to design a museum to house the antiquities of his native Suzhou.
Premiered: 3/30/2010
S15 Ep9
Gregory Peck: A Conversation with Gregory Peck
Gregory Peck
Among the celebrated pantheon of Hollywood royalty, few are as well-respected and universally adored as Gregory Peck. For more than fifty years, he was a major presence in the theater, on television, and most importantly, on the big screen. For many, Peck was a symbol of the American man at his best – a pillar of moral courage and a constant defender of traditional values.
Premiered: 4/18/2001