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Timeline: Cuba

A timeline of key events in Cuba's history.

Mar 4th, 2011 | Comments

Essay: The Freed Black and Mulatto People in the Brazilian Diamond Society during the 18th Century

Professor Júnia Ferreira Furtado on the diverse and integrated community of Diamantia in 18th-century Brazil.

Mar 4th, 2011 | Comments

Essay: African and Afro-descendant Women in Mexico City during the Colonial Period

Professor María Elisa Velázquez Gutiérrez discusses the African and Afro-descendant women in colonial Mexico.

Mar 4th, 2011 | Comments

Essay: Meeting Pancho Fierro

Peruvian historian Maribel Arrelucea Barrantes talks about painter Pancho Fierro and what his work means to her.

Mar 4th, 2011 | Comments

Essay: Why it is Necessary that all Afro-Descendants of Latin America, the Caribbean and North American Know Each Other More

Professor Tomás Fernández Robaina on the struggle for recognition of Africans and their descendents in Latin America.

Mar 1st, 2011 | Comments


A glossary of people, places, and terms referenced in the Black in Latin America series.

Feb 25th, 2011 | Comments

Additional Online and Print Materials

A selection of online and print sources on and related to race and Latin America.

Feb 24th, 2011 | Comments

Lesson Plan: Race and Government Policy in Revolutionary Cuba

A lesson plan that examines the ways in which Fidel Castro tried to eliminate racial inequality and racism in Cuba during the revolutionary period.

Feb 23rd, 2011 | Comments
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