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October 26th, 2008

Blueprint America — with Worldfocus — in a two-part report on infrastructure challenges and solutions around the world.


Traffic gridlock is hindering economic productivity and increasing pollution in countries around the globe. Worldfocus producer Mary Lockhart travels to Singapore to see how that country is trying to get commuters out of theirs cars and into rapid transit buses and subways with a traffic congestion pricing scheme.


Analysts predict Brazil will have the world’s fourth-largest economy in the world behind China, US and India by 2050. But experts fear Brazil’s underdeveloped infrastructure will hinder its economic development. Only 12 percent of the Brazil’s 1 million miles of roads are paved. Worldfocus producer Bryan Myers travels to Rio De Janeiro to see how the government and private companies are partnering to fix Brazil’s highways. Public-private partnerships are also under consideration in America, where states are looking for ways to fund repairs to their roads.

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