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May 14th, 2009
Public Works
Partner Stations

[Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver]

RMPBS is tying their infrastructure discussion about sprawl and zoning to a regional initiative underway in Denver: The Living Streets Initiative. The station will be working with the group in the mayor’s office spearheading this initiative, which includes creating pedestrian-friendly zones built around human, rather than automotive, needs.

The station will be creating a series of on-air interstitials about the initiative, as well as a special edition of Colorado State of Mind — their local affairs program — to air on May 15th, corresponding closely with the airdate of the PBS documentary, Blueprint America: Road to the Future.


[Nebraska Educational Television]

NET will produce a half-hour local program, Blueprint Nebraska, which will include interviews with a state senator and the governor, focusing on topics such as the status of infrastructure in the state, and the impending impact of the state’s stimulus package money. The NET team also plans to intersperse comments and questions from citizens and additional political figures. Plans for the initiative also include radio and web components, including lead-up stories on NET Public Radio.


[Arizona Public Media, Tucson, AZ]

APM is utilizing a planned visit from Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for the NewsHour, to promote the national documentary and generate discussion on Blueprint America. Suarez will be addressing a local of key community stakeholders. APM has also taped sessions from a recent Arizona conference focusing on transportation issues, and plans to use that footage to develop local infrastructure programming. APN will use their local programs (radio and television) as platforms to examine the specific infrastructure topics of transportation, solar energy and water.


Other Partnering Stations:

[WITF, Harrisburg, PA]

[UNC-TV, North Carolina]


[WHUT, Washington, DC]

[WXXI, Rochester, NY]

[KCET, Los Angeles, CA]

[WMHT, Binghamton, NY]

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