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Blueprint Denver: Helmets and Handsignals: Kids on the Road

With fall in the air and back-to-school commercials in full swing, here at Blueprint America we were reminded by our colleagues at Rocky Mountain PBS in Colorado about the potential of a kids program picking up pace across the country: “Safe Routes to School.”

Sep 22nd, 2010

Blueprint Denver: Not just for Europeans anymore

You can “Take the ‘A’ train” in New York City, but in Denver, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Des Moines and a handful of other communities, you can hop on the ‘B’… for bicycle.

Sep 13th, 2010

The Next American System: [VIDEO] The Transportation Cowboy

The city of Denver was first settled not by the lone frontiersman, but by a community that came together. Mayor John Hickenlooper, a candidate to succeed former Colorado Governor and current U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, had the same in mind when he expanded the metro region's light rail and mass transit system after he became mayor in 2003.

Jan 19th, 2010

Public Works: Video: Blueprint Colorado

An update to the Blueprint Colorado project: A series of short videos produced by Rocky Mountain PBS on Denver's Living Streets initiative.

Then, Colorado State of Mind on Rocky Mountain PBS talks with Colorado's state planners to see how the state is managing its infrastructure.

Jul 16th, 2009

Headlines: ‘City of the Future? Denver’s New Urbanism’

A roundup of links to local stories of national importance to the state of America's infrastructure.

Jun 10th, 2009

Public Works: [OVERVIEW]

Blueprint America: Public Works is an effort by 18 public television stations across the country that concentrates on the state of their local infrastructure. Communities -- big and small, urban and rural -- are, for the first time, collectively rethinking what it takes to make a place livable. PBS stations are producing radio and television segments, hosting discussions between policy makers and their communities, and offering further content online, all as a part of Blueprint America.

Jun 5th, 2009

The Next American System: [VIDEO] Road to the Future

Blueprint America: Road to the Future goes to three very different American cities -- Denver, New York and Portland, and their surrounding suburbs -- to look at each as an example of the challenges and possibilities the country faces as citizens struggle to manage a growing America.

May 20th, 2009

The Next American System: [REPORT] Boomtown! Denver

As Denver's growth rate has consistently outpaced the national rate every decade since the 1930s, its people have spread out across the region similar to Phoenix, Arizona, or Houston, Texas. Still, its mass transit system is expanding and, as a result, growth may be better managed in the future.

May 20th, 2009

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