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Stop bellyaching cities! Follow L.A.’s example on building for the future

For too many years cities have been paying for transportation projects with their hands out to Congress, lobbying for dollars even as funding bills grow moss stuck in the sluggish legislative process. It’s time to stop all the bellyaching!

Sep 20th, 2010

Public Works: Video: Blueprint California

KCET public television in Southern California -- as a part of Blueprint America -- in a two part report following the one-year mark of President Obama's stimulus plan on the question of high-speed rail and the potential of green jobs as the California state budget verges on bankruptcy.

Mar 19th, 2010

Public Works: [OVERVIEW]

Blueprint America: Public Works is an effort by 18 public television stations across the country that concentrates on the state of their local infrastructure. Communities -- big and small, urban and rural -- are, for the first time, collectively rethinking what it takes to make a place livable. PBS stations are producing radio and television segments, hosting discussions between policy makers and their communities, and offering further content online, all as a part of Blueprint America.

Jun 5th, 2009

Infrastructure on the Ballot: In L.A. County, a Tax Increase to Fund Transit

Los Angeles County voters approved a half-cent sales-tax increase, expected to raise as much as $40 billion, for area infrastructure projects.

Nov 5th, 2008

America in Gridlock: [TIMELINE] Driven to Despair: Los Angeles — City on the move

A history of transit in the Los Angeles area as the city modernized at the turn of the 20th Century through today.

Oct 10th, 2008

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