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That’s economic stimulus you can believe in, probably

President-elect Barack Obama and leaders in Congress are developing a multi-billion dollar green-jobs program to both stimulate the economy and put in place the groundwork for a more energy-efficient country. But, will it work?

Dec 4th, 2008

Workingman’s Dead

In Michigan, the unemployment rate is 9.3 percent – almost three times what it was in 2000. Can new green and infrastructure employment opportunities put these people back to work? What is more, are these jobs that they can quickly transition into?

Nov 24th, 2008

What then must we do?

Nationwide there are more than 550 transit projects valued at $8 billion that are "ready to go" as soon as funding is made available. Countless other infrastructure projects remain stalled throughout the country as the funds are simply not there to begin building. If these projects are to stimulate the economy, as President-elect Obama has said, where will the money to start these projects come from as many states face billion dollar budget shortfalls?

Nov 21st, 2008

Rebuilding the economy with infrastructure spending

To bail out its economy, China recently announced a $586 billion stimulus package in new infrastructure spending. And, as a new President is about to take power, the United States considers a similar move. However, Japan tried the same thing nearly 20 years ago with little success.

Nov 11th, 2008

Infrastructure on the Ballot: President-Elect Obama looks to infrastructure

President-Elect Barack Obama may spend on highways and bridges to stimulate the U.S. Economy.

Nov 5th, 2008

Radio: The candidates on infrastructure stimulus spending [Election 2008]

The collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis in 2007 sparked a debate on how best to rebuild America's decaying infrastructure. Where do the presidential candidates stand? In the last segment of a four part Blueprint America radio series, a report on how the country may be able to reinforce its economy and infrastructure at the same time.

Nov 4th, 2008

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