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December 12th, 2008
America in Gridlock
[VIDEO] The Wrong Track: The Saga of the 2nd Avenue Subway (1975)

This 51st State report, which originally aired in 1975 on Channel Thirteen in New York, looks at New York City’s repeated attempts to complete a second subway line on the East Side of Manhattan. The project is still not finished after over a half-century of delays.

  • The Saga of the 2nd Avenue Subway

The following 51st State reports look at the varying modes of transportation in New York City (in 1975).

  • Westway: The Solution or the Problem? is an examination of the controversial proposals for the West Side Highway.
  • In Getting to the Airport Cheap, reporter Ken Baron takes us on a trip to Kennedy Airport using only public transportation.
  • Robert Sam Anson provides commentary in Cars, Cars, Terrible, Wonderful Cars.
  • Finally, The Singing Bus Driver profiles a truly unique New Yorker as he tries to make a difference during the daily commute.

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