How do we talk about the American Dream in today’s world?

GOODTalks features candid conversations between self-made philanthropists known as the GOODGuys, and lawmakers, business moguls, and thought leaders about the 21st century definition of the American Dream. Informed by their own experiences, the GOODGuys set out on a journey to discuss issues like education, criminal justice, housing, and economic opportunity. Nothing is off limits as they talk to key players and get their insightful takes on the American Dream and beyond.

Series Premiere September 17th


Danny Wright
Danny Wright

Upon graduating from Georgetown University, Danny began fulfilling his dream of running his own company by co-founding GOOD; a conglomerate of social impact organizations addressing the most challenging issues affecting low-income communities in the United States.

At GOOD, Danny specializes in business strategy, designing and executing solutions that drive social change for those most in need. As a pioneer in the social impact space, Danny along with his two co-founders are developing a model to alleviate poverty on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.

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Darius Baxter
Darius Baxter

After graduating from Georgetown University in 2016, Darius Baxter was voted by his two best friends Danny and Troye to serve as the Executive Director of their newly formed social impact organization – GOOD. Shortly after, they rebranded his position to Chief Engagement Officer of GOOD, understanding the real relationships that would need to be created with communities to one day crack the code of how to end childhood poverty in America.

He would go on to work with his co-founders to lead GOOD from an idea on a white board in their dorm room to an organization backed by the Ford Foundation that develops the skills, hires, and invests in young people in communities like the one he came up in.

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Troye Bullock
Troye Bullock

Troye Bullock Jr. is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for GOOD, a collaborative of organizations seeking to combat violence and move families out of poverty on a block by block basis.

In 2016, Troye graduated from Georgetown University, co-founded GOOD, and became a Teach for America Corp member in Washington, DC. Under GOOD, Troye also co-founded the GOODFund which is a Venture Capital firm that invests in minority owned growth stage businesses and affordable housing, while leveraging these investments to facilitate training and hiring of impoverished individuals.

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