Voices From Atlantic City

Two years after now President Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal shut down after workers went on strike, the casino’s doors are reopening with new ownership, under a new name, Hard Rock. This known brand is trying to take advantage of recently legalized sports betting in New Jersey in hopes of drawing year-round crowds, steady business, and jobs back to the boardwalk.

Our series, Voices from Atlantic City, traces the history of this gambler’s paradise through the eyes of local stakeholders, from the “good old days” to its decline. For decades, seaside casinos provided a reliable lifeline for thousands of workers following the legalization of gambling in 1976. However, by 2014, four of the largest casinos shut their doors due to bankruptcy and 8,000 people were left without jobs. The series tells the stories of local workers, including those who went on strike against Trump’s Taj Mahal.

Voices from Atlantic City shares the perspective of the people who kept this infamous city running and lost everything. Now the question is whether the issues of the past will have an impact on the prospects of today. Will sports betting create sustainable jobs or is it just another gamble?

This series was produced by Lauren Feeney, Cameron Hickey, Joshua Z. Weinstein, Nina Chaudry, Ed Hersh, Stephen Segaller, and John Servidio.

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