A Haven for NJ’s Homeless

By Lauren Wanko

“I’m so thankful and grateful and it’s amazing that there are people who truly care. Without their help I would not be able to be here and my kids wouldn’t be in a safe place,” said Kalihqa Brown.

Brown is talking about HomeFront, a social service agency that serves the working poor and homeless families and the many donors who helped support HomeFront’s new family campus. The decommissioned military base in Ewing has been transformed into a safe haven for families in need.

When asked if this was a dream come true for her, Connie Mercer the CEO & Founder of HomeFront, replied, “This is what I’ve always known for an awful lot of years was really needed in order to help families claw their way out of poverty.”

The are three floors and rooms for 38 families. A library is upstairs, and nearby colorful nail polish adorns the wall next to a station for a new hairstyle.

“By the time you finally become homeless you’re looking pretty awful, and our message to our women is transformation. Transformation of your life skills, of your life attitudes of your life prospects and also the way you present yourself to the world,” Mercer said. (read more at NJTVonline.org).