Breakthrough for New York City’s Low-Income Students

When it comes to applying to some of the top high schools here in New York City, students from low-income families face an uphill battle.

Like their wealthier peers, there’s an admission test to get ready for and forms to fill out.

But there are also challenges at home — including parents who can’t afford to pay for extra tutoring and don’t always understand the application process.

That’s where Breakthrough New York steps in. Our partners at Metrofocus featured the nonprofit organization that has been helping high-achieving middle-schoolers from low-income families overcome their circumstances to get them into better high schools. And it doesn’t just stop there. Breakthrough New York continues helping these students right through college.

We learn more about Breakthrough New York from Rhea Wong, who’s involvement started when she was a middle school student out in California. She now serves as Breakthrough New York’s executive director, and she’s helping students chase their dreams. We’ll also hear from Fatoumata Soumare, a Breakthrough New York student, about her experience with the program.