Newark Introduces Program to Provide Web Training to Unemployed Residents

By Erin Delmore

“I used to do it just by hand, then happened the computer revolution,” said Juan Guerra.

Guerra is a graphic designer, he’s been out of work for two years. He’s hoping to earn a spot in one of Newark’s job training programs to become a web developer.

“It looked like my skills were obsolete, so I try to upgrade myself, doing some kind of web so I could take my work online,” he said.

Representatives from Newark City Hall introduced the program to unemployed residents — 144 hours of instruction over 12 weeks and a laptop, all free.

“If you’re interested and you’re committed, this will work for you,” said Newark Chief Information Officer Seth Wainer.

It’s the latest effort to stem the unemployment crisis in New Jersey’s biggest city. Mayor Ras Baraka said Newark needs to create 6,000 jobs, just to bring its unemployment rate in line with the rest of the state. (Read more at NJTVNews)