What You Need to Know About Amazon’s HQ2 in NYC

Credit: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times, Max Touhey, Bloomberg/Getty Images

Amazon made a huge announcement last week by naming Long Island City, New York and Crystal City, Virginia the locations of its much anticipated “HQ2.” It didn’t take long for strong public backlash from New Yorkers and politicians to arise, as described in our previous coverage of the announcement.

Here’s your Amazon HQ2 news round-up recapping the potential community and economic impacts of this big announcement:

Amazon’s HQ2 deal with New York, explained (Curbed)

First, here’s a thorough explainer on the deal to get you through some of that (inevitable) office small talk.

Amazon’s New Neighbor: The Nation’s Largest Housing Project (New York Times)

‘“What are they going to do for the community? Are they going to guarantee us employment opportunities?’ said April Simpson, the president of Queensbridge Tenants Association.” The Queensbridge Houses is the country’s largest public housing project.

New York City’s Development Czar Alicia Glen Talks Amazon HQ and Affordable Housing (New York Magazine)

“The person most responsible for the HQ2 deal from the New York City government is Alicia Glen, the New York City’s deputy mayor for housing and economic development.”

What Will Amazon’s HQ2 Mean for Transit in Queens? (VICE)

With the L Train scheduled to go offline in 2019, will your morning commute be a casualty to Amazon’s HQ2?

New York City Needs Amazon as Much as Amazon Needs Us (NY Times Op-Ed)

Vishaan Chakrabarti, an architect, author and professor at Columbia University, highlights the economic gains and opportunities for growth that could come with this deal. He was also director of planning for Manhattan in the wake of 9/11.

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