When COVID vaccine distribution falls short, local nonprofits and the medical community step in

As millions of New Yorkers race to book the vaccine, many Black Americans and Hispanics are opting out as racial disparity, a defining issue of the pandemic, has reemerged. Some communities blame the vaccination gap on a lack of a coordinated education, awareness and support. MetroFocus takes us to the Bronx and Brooklyn where local nonprofits and the medical community are teaming up to bridge this divide and provide accurate information about the vaccine and virus.

Joining us to discuss these efforts are Davon Russell, President of the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, Dr. Susana Morales, a primary care physician and Associate Professor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and Marcella Tillett, Vice President of programs and partnerships at the Brooklyn Community Foundation, a nonprofit investing in the borough’s community led response to needs exacerbated by the pandemic.