Reimagining Financial Literacy As Lockdown Winds Down; Reclaiming Farming in Urban New York

A  Special Report from our partners at MetroFocus:

April is financial literacy month, a time when personal financial education is promoted across the country. And as lockdowns ease and the economy embarks on a road to recovery, it’s important to consider your personal finances and how to best position yourself for financial recovery and long term financial success.  So tonight, as part of our Chasing The Dream initiative, we’re taking a close look at your finances with film and tv star and financial literacy activist Hill Harper who is on a mission to help people gain positive financial momentum.

We tell the story of a groundbreaking urban farming initiative in Chester, New York called the Rise & Root Farm and introduce you to one of the four women co-founders who is reclaiming the power of farming. Tonight, Karen Washington discusses the seeds she’s been sowing since 1985 to grant New Yorkers of all ages and races, a more just and representative model of farming while providing abundant and nutritious food for their community.