American Dream Interrupted | The Power of a Pardon Ep. 2

Rickie lawfully entered the United States as a Cambodian refugee. Long after having served his time in prison, he now faces deportation for his 20-year-old convictions in Pennsylvania, specifically a misdemeanor and a firearm possession for a crime he did not commit. Now, he’s waiting to see if he can get a pardon and stop living in fear of deportation.

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The Power of a Pardon

How long is enough time to pay the price for one’s crimes?

For five formerly incarcerated individuals who served their time, the only path to redemption and chance to pursue their life’s purpose is through the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

Through intimate and, at times, nerve-racking stories, follow these five individuals as they show how life-altering a pardon and criminal justice reform can be when trying to build a life after prison.