Blood Sugar Rising: NYC | The Diagnosis

The Bronx has the highest percentage of diabetes cases in the entire city. Coupled with the poor access to grocery stores and high rates of poverty, Bronx residents have a hard time managing diabetes. So when Tracey Tirado-Vasquez was diagnosed with diabetes, she realized she had to make some life-changing decisions for herself and for her family.

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Blood Sugar Rising: NYC

How do Type 2 diabetes patients living in low-income communities manage this disease? Blood Sugar Rising: NYC follows Tracey Tirado-Vasquez, a diabetic mother and caretaker for her disabled brother, and Koy Torres who is part of the growing number of young people diagnosed with the disease.

Amidst a global pandemic and growing Black Lives Matter movement, we see firsthand how these individuals manage a life-threatening disease under the additional pressures of systemic inequity and an unprecedented health crisis. (Blood Sugar Rising: NYC is a digital companion series to the national PBS film Blood Sugar Rising.)