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What’s Your American Dream Score?

Spend five minutes taking this quiz, and you’ll find out what factors were working in your favor and what you had to overcome to get where you are today. At the end, you’ll receive an overall score and a personalized summary of the results (and probably a big dose of pride and gratitude).

Learn more about how this tool was created, related psychological research, and how our experiences shape our view of the “American Dream.”

Your American Dream Score:

  • <53
    Nearly every factor has been working in your favor.
  • 54-65
    The majority of factors have been in your favor.
  • 66-79
    You've had more working against you than for you.
  • 80+
    Almost every factor has been working against you.
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Alejandro Bautista Perez

Woodland, CA, United States

My name is Alejandro and my American Dream score was 70/100. I grew up in Woodland CA and most of the people struggled with the money and the others didn't ...


Trinity Barber

Fuquay Varina, NC, United States

Well I'm not sure what to say I have a pretty long story, but to shorten it up my family made wrong decisions in life and had to deal with ...


Cira Kelley

New york

My childhood was spent in Jamaica WI with my American born artist parents. My sister and I were shielded from racism and prejudice and the notion of the American dream. ...


Alison Killy

Greenville, NC, United States

I grew up on Eastern NC. We did not live in the best neighborhoods growing up and there were always concerns about money. There was never enough. I got used ...


Beth Hoover

Bend, OR, United States

I grew up in a lower middle class family in a small town in Oregon. My father was a logger/Baptist minister. My mother was a teacher. I am the third ...


John Pearson

Wood River, IL, United States

I have been blessed with great parents who were college educated and were both public school teachers. We may not have been blessed with an abundance of money, but we ...


Jeannie Lee

New York, NY, United States

Chasing the American Dream is a challenging notion for me. The action is never ending (Chasing); the condition does not fully embrace and recognize my whole being as a Korean American ...


Jeff Agee-Aguayo

Green Bay, WI, United States

I had a pretty good childhood. I was born premature and have always been small for a white male. I am thankful for all of the benefits that American society ...


Rhoda Kozak

This score is pretty accurate-I have had to really get my behind into gear to lift myself up out of the dirt of life. I think my life story would ...


Marc Climaco

New York

As a person with a disability and an immigrant whose family had to work hard to get where we are today, I was surprised to receive a 53 as my ...


Patricia Johnson

Jamestown, NC

I like the life I led. I was an Iowa farm kid, growing up in the depression and our family suffered from the drought that plagued the midwest in the ...


Patrick Allen

Richmond, VA, United States

26-year-old, returning college student, raised by my single working mother, with financial help and partial custody from my dad during childhood. I'm extremely fortunate for how many events have played ...


Amy Wiger

Roseville, MN, United States

My parents were Catholic and strict parents. We went to church every Sunday. I grew up in the suburbs and went to public schools. My brother and I had chores ...


Greg Reynolds

New York, NY, United States

Gaining insights about ourselves and the world around us is a passion topic that’s deeply personal for me. Taking the American Dream Score quiz is a reminder of how my ...


Shannon Babbie

Syracuse, NY, United States

Grew up on a dead-end, dirt road in the Adirondacks. Many times, there was no electricity, running water or indoor plumbing. Kicked out of my home at 17 by an ...