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What’s Your American Dream Score?

Spend five minutes taking this quiz, and you’ll find out what factors were working in your favor and what you had to overcome to get where you are today. At the end, you’ll receive an overall score and a personalized summary of the results (and probably a big dose of pride and gratitude).

Learn more about how this tool was created, related psychological research, and how our experiences shape our view of the “American Dream.”

Your American Dream Score:

  • <53
    Nearly every factor has been working in your favor.
  • 54-65
    The majority of factors have been in your favor.
  • 66-79
    You've had more working against you than for you.
  • 80+
    Almost every factor has been working against you.
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Alicia Montgomery

My mom worked hard to give me a good life, and she did. I've hit some bumps, but thanks to her and the rest of my family, I know how ...


Sil Lai Abrams

New York, NY, United States

I was a little surprised by my score of 74 given my history, but it makes sense when one takes into account how my various privileges and disadvantages have intersected ...


Bob McKinnon

Irvington, NY, United States

I was the first person to find my American Dream Score and I have probably taken this quiz more than a hundred times. Neither of which should be surprising given ...


Jim McGreevey

Jersey City, NJ, United States

My American Dream score was 60 out of 100. In large measure, any success that I have had in life, I attribute to my parents. Having a stable household with ...


Sophia Clark

New York, NY, United States

I think it’s important to check in with yourself, to be honest about the self-imposed and external obstacles that we face throughout our lives. I identify as a cis-gendered, 2nd ...

Clay Dowling


I'm a middle aged guy working an office job that I actually like. I've been lucky that my setbacks in life have all been of the sort that I can ...

Nancy Walter


I grew up in a mixed home, my father was pretty abusive and an alcoholic but there were protective factors like my mom who made a difference and my grandfather ...


Ray Fischer


I know I've been lucky. I wasn't great in high school, graduating with a C+ average, and my parent's were immigrants, but I found something that I liked and was ...


Kip Caban

Taipei, Taiwan

I can honestly say the US Army saved my life. I left a rundown trailer park in Texas for basic training less than a week after graduating high school. The ...

Haviva Solomon

Chicago, IL, United States

My life has certainly been filled with challenges, but I am fortunate to live in a country where there are tremendous opportunities and you can reinvent yourself at any age. ...

Lynne Haines


People who don't know me think my life has been easy. They base this assumption on what they see as my achievements at this point in time. They have no ...

Troy Townes

Minneapolis, MN, United States

I was very fortunate to be raised by committed and involved parents in a wealthy community, that meant great schools and plenty of resources. Health, gender, and race have and ...


Hanna Rioseco

Brooklyn, NY, United States

I'm really fortunate to have been raised by parents in Canada who supported my goals and from an early age, and to have been raised in an environment where ambition ...