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Russell Miller

Idaho Falls, ID, United States


I grew up in a loving family and was raised in southern California in urban and rural neighborhoods. I have 2 sisters and a younger brother. Beyond school my parents involved us in outside activities YMCA, girl scouts, sports and tent camping. Both parents were high school graduates working in drafting and escrow careers. They encouraged us to go to college. I had many jobs after high school but eventually went to university to have the career and the life I wanted. Engineering Technology took me from California to Wyoming, Florida, and Idaho. I was married for 25 years then divorced. We raised our children as we were raised with love, cultural respect and lots of extracurricular activities. My three children have surpassed me in education with degrees spanning undergraduate, graduate and soon a PHD. My three adult children are the joy of my life. Now I’m moving on to the adventure of retirement and looking for opportunities to expand my horizons.