Episode 3
June 1, 2023 | Episode 3
“When journalists came to interview me, they were shocked to see a Chinese woman in America selling reggae music.” — Miss Pat, President and Co-founder of VP Records She’s less than five feet tall, but she’s a giant in the…
Episode 2
May 25, 2023 | Episode 2
“Nothing is ever black and white when it comes to Asian American Jewish identity.” — Jenni Rudolph, musician They didn’t fit in so they spoke out. A Seat at the Table serves up inspiration from Asian American Jews embracing identity,…
Episode 1
May 18, 2023 | Episode 1
“There was a lot of fear in the community. How do we nurture trust? How do we build trust?” — Eddie Zheng, president of The New Breath Foundation and former inmate Eddie Zheng spent 21 years behind bars in California…