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10 Famous Fans of the Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five’s wide range of fans include diverse music legends, film stars and celebrities you wouldn’t expect to find at the same record-playing party. Here’s a tease of what these legends have to say about The Dave Clark Five in exclusive interviews in The Dave Clark Five and Beyond – Glad All Over.

1. Sir Laurence Olivier on the Band’s Fame

Sir Laurence Olivier was a Dave Clark Five Fan and collaborated with Dave Clark on the musical Time“Dave Clark Five, for Christ sake, they’re as huge, as well-known as the English Dictionary.”

2. Gene Simmons on the Inspiration

Gene Simmons of Kiss“It connected with me. It was sort of modern electric church, and I just wanted to go yell ‘Hallelujah.'”

3. Bruce Springsteen on the Nasty Sound

Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt Interview Dave Clark Five“The thing that people have kind of missed in reference to the Dave Clark Five is those were big, powerful, nasty sounding records, man. Bigger, a much bigger sound than, say, the Stones or the Beatles.”

4. Tom Hanks’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech for The Dave Clark Five

Tom Hanks inducts Dave Clark Five into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
“(The band’s) true product was joy, unparalleled, unstoppable, undeniable joy, the joy to be alive, the joy to be young.”

5. Elton John on Dave Clark

Elton John in The Dave Clark Five and Beyond - Glad All Over“He is an absolutely stone-cold genius.”

6. Dionne Warwick on Fashion Style

Singer Dionne Warwick Liked Dave Clark Five's Fashion Sense“I loved the way they dressed. The French sort of shirts and boots. It was sharp, really sharp.”

7. Twiggy on the Crushes

Model Twiggy on Dave Clark Five Crushes“It was always a big competition in schools about the fight about the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five and who the girls liked, and you’d have names carved in your desks and things.”

8. Ozzy Osbourne on Getting Chills

Ozzy Osbourne - Dave Clark Five Fan“I wanted to be a member of Dave Clark Five. I remember being at the school dance and ‘Glad All Over’ came on, and every time they went “And I’m feeling..” boom boom. It sent chills up my spine.”

9. Whoopi Goldberg on Being a Fan

gper-Dave-Clark-FanWhoopi610“As a kid it was a gift from another country that was actually meant for me …. I had this great poster, and for some reason I thought (Dave Clark) could see me through the poster, that he would know that I was a huge fan.”

10. Sir Ian McKellen on Sex Appeal

Sir Ian McKellen on the Sex Appeal of the Dave Clark Five“I mean sex was a big part of it, and the look of the Dave Clark Five, yeah, they all shaved, didn’t they, they clearly shampooed, or somebody shampooed for them.”



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