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Ann’s First Campaign


Ann Richards (Holland Taylor) discusses her first campaign, the women she picked as her campaign managers, and her road to the governorship.


And work, work was the best antidote for fear, so I hit the gas!

Besides the notion of running was catching on. Gears were turning.

Clipboards were flying. And before I knew it all my network of women arrived, on their brooms!

[laughing] With their law degrees and their checkbooks and their Rolodexes.

I had the sense to snag that Jane Hickey person as my campaign manager, and she may have been 15 years my junior, but really she was like a mentor to me. And she is so wicked smart you don't know what the hell she just said but you know it's good.

[laughing] We started planning, all of us, around our big ol' dinner table.

Well shoot, we knew how to do it.

I was suiting up.

Gosh, I was happy.

And now, there was a glint in my eye.

Now don't get me wrong. Being a mother meant everything to me, but my kids were pretty grown. And here I had the chance to put to the fire things that I had stood for all my life. If I was ambitious that's because I know that life is not fair. I had learned that at 11.

Life is not fair.

But government should be. And thus began my career.

[applause] County Commissioner for six years. Then elected up to State Treasurer a couple of terms. Now who knew this meant endless campaigning and it is some hard work on the road, oh man! Buses, beat-up old vans, state fairs.

You ever been to a State Fair? Without a hat? Up to your eyeballs in balloons and barbecue, just forging on from town to dusty town. You understand folks Texas is bigger than France.

[laughing] But 15 years on that fast track of Texas politics seemed to agree with me. Hey, other than mud on your face, it's fun.


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