Great Performances

“Stilettos Leave ‘Em Reeling”


[upbeat music plays] [cheering] [cheering] ♪ From London to Milan ♪ Stilettos are an ism ♪ In red and neon life ♪ Gotta lotta p-p-p-p-p-p-Prada ♪ ♪ New York, Paris, Hong Kong ♪ Live it like an ism ♪ Seduction amplified ♪ The heel is the transmission - These are brilliant, I'd wear any one of them.

- --You're not our niche market.

- There are some very interesting ideas here.

- --But they're all stiletto heels.

It's physically impossible to make a stiletto that can bear the weight of a full-grown man.

- Not so fast!

♪ If we could mold the steel ♪ One piece from bolt to heel ♪ We'd underpin and remake it so not even Don could break it ♪ [laughing]

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