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Nas Performs “One Love” with the National Symphony Orchestra


[Instrumental Music] NAS (rapping): What up, kid?

You know **** is rough after you slid When the cops came you shoulda slid to my crib **** it, black, no time for lookin' back, it's done Plus, congratulations, you know you got a son I heard he looks like ya, why don't your lady write ya?

Told her she should visit, that's when she got hyper Flippin', talkin' about he acts too rough He didn't listen, he be riffin' while I'm tellin' him stuff I was like, 'Yeah,' your girl don't care, she a snake too messin' with them ****s from that fake crew that hate you But yo, guess who got shot in the dome-piece?

Jerome's niece, on her way home from Jones Beach It's bugged, plus little Rob is sellin' drugs on the dime Hangin' out with young thugs that all carry nines And night time is more trife than ever What up with Cormega?

Did you see him?

Are y'all together?

If so, then hold the fort down, represent to the fullest Say what's up to Herb, Ice and Bullet I left a half a hundred in your commissary You was my dog when push came to shove (One what?) One love!

One love, one love, one love, one love NAS: We used to write letters to each other!

Now they email you from jail, right?


One love, one love, one love, one love Yeah.

One love, one love, one love, one love

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