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I'm Scott Yoo. Come with me to discover the greatest music ever written like you've never experienced it before.

Join me on spectacular journeys around the world to Now Hear This.

I get chills reading Vivaldi's handwriting. I thought that Vivaldi's Four Seasons didn't have a manuscript.

Oh, it's different!

From the ancient songs that inspired it, to the many composers that it then inspired.

So Bach was a Vivaldi admirer!

I'll take in the famous landscapes of food of Italy. --I've never had anything this good. --This is the art of being a southern Italian.

Meeting renowned musicians, singers, and violin makers. --This is very special. They don't make them like this anymore, do they? --Genius is genius.

Along the way I'll learn how Vivaldi gathered the sounds of his country, and captured them. Then I'll hear and play some of his other great works which were nearly lost to history. --It's rock 'n' roll like Elvis, yes!

Next, come with me to meet the greatest musician of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach, --This is him definitely. --It's a bit like a labyrinth here... whose violin music is some of the most perfect, most difficult in existence. --I have to make pretzels out of my fingers!

To play it I'll first need to understand his personality.

--Maybe it's the place where he created some of his most genius works! This is a riddle, you need to figure out what it And understand his influences. --I never knew Bach's sense of melody came from Vivaldi.

I'll travel with my wife Alice Dade, across Germany.

And into France to Paris to meet some of today's great musicians.

This is, you know, folk music.

Oh my god.

What we discover along the way will change my mind about Bach forever.

--That's part of his genius! He makes you work for it.

Up next, come with me to Spain to discover Domenico Scarlatti the greatest composer you've never heard of.

--Of course that's Scarlatti. - -Of course.

I'll follow his footsteps to discover the sounds and rhythms that inspired him. --This is a really cool place. it's a little Faberge egg.

And I'll realize that he was more important to the history of music than I could have ever imagined.

--He's playing with all these ingredients to build a world where everything is possible.

We all need inspiration. I take mine from the work of our greatest composers and I hope that you can too.

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