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Behind the Scenes | Three Divas at Versailles


Get an inside look at the magic behind Three Divas at Versailles with PBS and Great Performances. Listen to Isabel Leonard as she explains what this program means to her, and why the arts are more important than ever.


- [Isabel] Music can transport you and I think we need the arts more than ever.

We always have.

(guitar music) - [David] When the Three Divas took the stage at Versailles, it was complete magic.

(Three Divas singing opera) - [Isabel] The idea was to get three Latinas to sing not only classical repertoire, but to sing some more popular repertoire and to make it our own.

(Three Divas singing opera) - [David] PBS is the best place for the arts.

Our mission is to give the underserved around the country the front row seat, and I think that entire program, 'Three Divas in Versailles,' is tremendous.

(Three Divas singing opera)


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