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Production Credits

Web Credits

Producer: Anu Krishnan
Art Director: Sabina Daley
Graphic Art: Ruiyan Xu
Technical Director: Brian Lee
PHP Scripting: Ben Chappel
Production Assistant: Diana Cofresí-Terrero
Copy Editor: Leslie Kriesel
HTML Implementation Assistance: Brian Santalone

GREAT PERFORMANCES Web pages copyright © 2004 Educational Broadcasting Corporation.

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York’s Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs.

About the Writer

Ed Ward started writing about music in 1965, and has been on the staff of CRAWDADDY!, ROLLING STONE, and CREEM magazines, among others. He was music writer for the Austin (Texas) AMERICAN-STATESMAN from 1979-84, and is co-author (with the late Geoffrey Stokes and Ken Tucker) of ROCK OF AGES: THE ROLLING STONE HISTORY OF ROCK & ROLL. Since 1986, he has been rock historian for NPR’s FRESH AIR with Terry Gross. He currently lives in Berlin, and comments on it at

Television Credits

Executive Producers
John Beug
David Horn

Directed by
Ron de Moraes

Produced by
Mona Niemiec
Mitch Owgang

Supervising Audio Engineer
Elliot Scheiner

Lighting Director
Stan Crocker

Gary Bradley

Associate Producers
Cara Cosentino
Kathy Rivkin

Production Manager
Matt Uzzle

Associate Director
Laura Lyons

Stage Manager
Peter Margolis

Mark Schubin

Technical Director
Keith Winikoff

Mixing for Eric Clapton
Simon Climie
Mick Guzauski

Mix Assistant
Tom Bender

Audio Engineers
Ed Cherney
Kooster McAlister
Greg Ondo

Audio Coordinators
David Hewitt
Karen Brinton

Bob Aldridge
Jackie Brooks
Stan Dacus
Robert Drews
Marshall Fawcett
Peter Gary
Phil Gitomer
Gary Hampton
Denise Houchin
Greg Lankford
Gaff Michael
Robert McLeod
Freddie Robertson
Matt Scheiner
Paul Special

Video Operators
Billy Steinberg
Matty Randazzo

Video Tape
Alan Buchner
Dave Degelia

Lighting Programmer
Rob Smith

Miguel Armstrong
Timm Bland
Barbara Drago
Freddy Frederick
Ed Fussell
Pat Gleason
Manny Gutierrez
Ray Hoover
Lyn Noland
Chad Smith
Ron Smith

Key Utility
Anthony Defonzo

Frank Bourassa
Aaron Bradshaw
John Heneghan
Mike Joyce
Pat Miller
Paul Patelmo
Brandy Sanders

Video Maintenance
Tom Curran
Jimmy Goldsmith
Andy Lindberg
Nava Tabkum
Greg Vincent
Ian Vysick

Dolly Grip
Billy Broker

Jib Techs
Manny Gutierrez Jr.
Eric Johnson

STEADI Assistant
Mike Gilbert

Additional Editing by
Laura Young

On-Line Editor
Stephen Hoppe

Production Coordinator
Kirsten J. Taylor

Production Secretary
Adam Fels

Production Assistants
James Anglin
Taylor Barber
Joanna McCue Carson
Scott Cox
Brock Cravy
Mark Fisher
Jennifer Ford
David Glynn
Heather Laraine Harris
Shawn Lafferty
Joanne Morris
Adrian Neely
Ryan Smith
Nathan Threadgill

Documentary Unit
Director of Photography
Martin Atkins

Produced by
James Pluta

Artist Interviews
Larry Yelen

Juerg Walther
Greg Smith
Norm Johnston

Camera Tech
Michele de Lorimer

Sound Recordist
Michael Hanes
Chris Neely
Michael Thomason

Production Coordinator
Niki Breazeale

Production Assistants
Lauren Mayer Beug
Lindsay Mayer Beug
Michael Ryan
Will Schmidt

Audio Mixing
Neil Dorfsman

Audio Post-Production Mixer
Sue Pelino

Audio Mastering
Darcy Proper

Eric Clapton
Peter Jackson
Scooter Weintraub

Music Director
Scooter Weintraub

Production Director
Mick Double

Concert Production
David Stallbaumer

Clayton Faught
Rick Babb

Director of Program Development
Bill O’Donnell

Executive Producer
Jac Venza

A production of Thirteen/WNET New York and Warner Strategic Marketing

© 2004 Educational Broadcasting Corporation and Warner Strategic Marketing

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