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Hoda Kotb: Let me be the one to congratulate you on your big award here, Movies for Grownups. Just tell me what it means to you, George, to be recognized by the AARP.

George Clooney: Well, it's terrifying. I mean let's be honest I used to make jokes about, you know, being on the cover of AARP.

I suppose the most important thing I could say is thank you very much, to all of the people and to the AARP for this distinguished honor.

And I can use the word 'distinguished' because you have to be distinguished to be in AARP. But in all honesty, it's just a great group. I'm very proud to be a part of all of this. It's fun! And, you know, most of my friends are senior citizens now, so.

HK: Hollywood, as we know, has been, I guess, youth-obsessed.

Or at least that's the way that people think of it. You've been in the industry for a long time.

You're knocking on 60. You're doing all kinds of wonderful things, but just tell me about the importance of experience.

GC: Experience is the key. It keeps you from panicking in situations that you would normally panic. And it gives you perspective because sometimes things seem bigger in real life. And then if you step back and you have a little perspective you realize it's not that big, and you'll survive those things. And so, you know, experience is the whole game.

HK: That must change your choices, I mean you've done all kinds of movies.

You've done blockbusters and comedies and thrillers, and a lot of the stuff that you do too also has a real social message. Do you feel like your choices have changed a lot?

GC: They have changed some, you know, what it is, it's less about the projects because i still like to do projects that are you know, edgy at times and things.

I think that the bigger issues are about your schedule itself, maybe you have some of this experience, but there's you know, for the last four years or so, I've spent a lot more time sort of on our life, on our foundation. And working on things that matter, in that way and also on having, you know, two knuckleheads at home that we have to look out for.

HK: By the way, has having young kids did that turn you into a real grown-up?

GC: No, God no. No, in fact, it's actually the opposite of that. My kids are the adults because I'm constantly going, 'Come here I got a move for you.'

And I work on terrible things to, you know, to gross out their mom.

And, you know my son thinks it's hysterical and my daughter's like, 'Papa, stop it!'

HK: I'm happy to know that Hollywood's most notorious prankster is still at it and not giving up that mantle. George... GC: No, I can't give that up!

HK: Thanks so much, again congratulations on this award. We're real happy for you.

GC: Thank you Hoda, it's good to see you.

HK: You too.