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Joyce DiDonato on Laurent Pelly’s production


Joyce DiDonato speaks about the set design and enchanting look of Laurent Pelly’s production, inspired by his childhood memories of the story.


What I love about this production is it's designed and directed by Laurent Pelly who grew up having his grandmother read the original Cinderella story by Perrault, and it was a picture book with great calligraphy and big letters and lots of drawings and illustrations.

And it made a real mark on him as a child in his imagination.

And what he's done with this production is bring that storybook to life.

You'll see on the walls that he has actually the story written out and when the carriage arrives to take her to the ball, it's actually the word 'carrosse' which means carriage in French.

With a big C, and it's just imagination come to life!

[ beautiful music ] This particular opera is one that emphasizes the magic and the power of love.

This opera invites joy - through a little bit of tragedy and a little bit of hardship - but at the end it's joy!

It's a gift that you give yourself to come in and spend a few hours with us, where we get to actually lift you up and give you an experience you can't have anywhere else.


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