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“Flashlight” Excerpt


Watch George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic with Snoop Dogg, Sheila E and a full ensemble of stars perform this funk-music favorite.


(funk music) - To the top of the building baby.

♪ I lay me down to sleep ♪ Ooh, I just can't find the beat ♪ - Everybody say, ♪ Flashlight ♪ Hey, I will never dance ♪ Flashlight ♪ Flashlight Let me hear ya!

C'mon everybody say it.

♪ Pararadirarararararara ♪ Everybody's got a little light under the sun ♪ (fast paced saxophone playing) ♪ We're riding on the boat ♪ Pararadirarararararara (fast paced saxophone playing) ♪ You want the funk ♪ You want the funk ♪ Everybody's got a little light ♪ ♪ Under the sun ♪ Under the sun ♪ Under the sun ♪ Under the sun (audience clapping) - Give it up for George Clinton P Funk Parliament Funkadelic!

(fast paced saxophone playing)


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