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Lin-Manuel Miranda on Writing in Aaron Burr’s Bedroom


Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote part of his smash hit from Aaron Burr’s bedroom.
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I write everywhere. I write on trains I write, I write wherever I can and sometimes a couple of days I've written in Aaron Burr's bedroom. It's pretty amazing to be in the space where he was in the later part of his life. Talk about artist-in-residence literally.

This is my Hamilton writing desk I sit here, I sit on the floor. I don't sit on the colonial furniture. Keep shooting off at the mouth... There's a song in the show called My Shot and it's Hamilton's big sort of I want songs.

It's the second song in the show. We see him make his group of friends, the Marquis de Lafayette, John Lawrence Hercules Mulligan and Aaron Burr, who is a colleague and a friend and I'm sort of putting him into the song because these are guys were oil and water but they come up together their revolutionaries together they're soldiers together they're lawyers together they're elected officials together and at some point one shoots the other.