Clip | The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses | Richard III - Betrayal and Murder | Richard III

Richard is two-faced as he plots the demise of both his brother and his father, the King.

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RICHARD: Brother, farewell.

I will unto the King.

Meantime, this deep disgrace Touches me deeper than you can imagine.

GEORGE: I know it pleaseth neither of us well.

RICHARD: Well, your imprisonment will not be long Meantime, be patient.

GEORGE: I must perforce.


RICHARD: Go, tread the path that thou shalt ne'er return.

Simple, plain Clarence!

I do love thee so, That shortly I will send thy soul to heaven.

RICHARD: Good time of day to you Lord Chamberlain, What news?

HASTINGS: The King is sickly, weak and melancholy, And his physicians fear him mightily.

He broke the feast and has retired to bed.

RICHARD: O, he hath kept an evil diet long, And over-much consum'd his royal person: Where is he, in his bed?


RICHARD: Go you before, and I will follow you.

RICHARD: He cannot live, I hope, and must not die Till George be pack'd with post-horse up to Heaven.

I'll in, to urge his hatred more; And, if I fail not in my deep intent, Dear George hath not another day to live.