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Gavin Creel sings “Ilona”


Gavin Creel and Jane Krakowski perform “Ilona” in She Loves Me. The critically-acclaimed Roundabout Theatre Company production of She Loves Me comes to GREAT PERFORMANCES on Friday, October 20 at 9PM (check local listings) as the opening presentation of PBS’s fall Broadway’s Best lineup.


KODALY: Come with me, Ilona I've missed you so much.

ILONA: Oh, God. No.

KODALY: How I envy you each evening when work is through For I have only me to be with While you have you.


KODALY: Without you, Ilona How cold my lonely life has grown Are you happy alone Ilona?

Ilona, My own.

SIPOS: Now that Kodaly is hard at play We'll never get out of here till New Year's Day.

ARPAD & SIPOS: So, Happy New Year!

KODALY: Come with me, Ilona.


KODALY: Come with me, cherie.

Mistletoe I long for someone Please tell me who Like some divine divining rod It points straight to you.

Remember, Ilona Those sunny nights we knew before.

If you'll just say the word Ilona We'll know them Once more.

ARPAD: If it was only up to me Guess who I would hang upon the Christmas tree SIPOS: This is where I came in, Amen The fox and the chicken are a team again.



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